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Will CBD Fail a Drug Test? — Part 1 of 2


Submitted by Jack Davis, owner of Your CBD Store – Peoria IL

That’s a great question. It needs a thorough explanation for you to know exactly what you’re getting into when you choose to take CBD. Here are the main points:

  • Field tests are not always accurate and therefore not totally reliable.
  • Lab test results can be subjective.
  • Isolate and broad spectrum CBD have NO THC in them.
  • Full spectrum CBD has more than enough THC in it to fail a field test and a lab test.

Field Tests
These are typically used by police departments for drug tests. Typically, a specimen is added to the bottle and it is shaken. If it turns purple, that usually means bad news. If you fail one of these tests, it’s not the end of the world though. I recommend that you should always demand a full lab analysis if you fail a THC field test for any reason.

Lab Tests
CBD is not the same as THC and should pass a lab test, but an inexperienced lab tech, analyst, or doctor may fail a person who has no THC in their system. It’s best to demand a second lab test if you know you are clean of THC and it gets to this point. Arm yourself with good information. We’re here to help.

Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD
These should never fail a lab test that is analyzed correctly. These contain essentially no THC. If there is even the tiniest bit of residual THC left in them, it falls below the detectable limit. In short, the best labs in the country can’t find THC in isolates and broad spectrums. You can see sample lab reports from our products at

Please be aware that each lab report is specific to a product lot number.

Full Spectrum CBD
Full spectrum CBD has up to 0.3 percent THC in it. That’s at least 60x less THC than marijuana, which is certainly not enough to cause any sort of high, but enough to trigger a field test or lab test. Avoid full spectrum if your employment is contingent upon passing a drug test.

If you are going to take CBD in any form, and you know that your employer does drug testing, what we recommend is to first print out a lab report of the product you plan to start using (you can ask us for any sample lab report). Take that printed report to your employer, tell them that you are looking into taking CBD and ask what would be their response if a drug test showed positive for a product that doesn’t produce a high. If possible, get their response in writing. You never know, you might get a very positive response.

Who should not take CBD:
It’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before trying CBD. From a study on Epidiolex alone, those who take these medications may experience increased side effects if CBD is used with:

  • Antidepressants
  • Medications that can cause drowsiness
  • Macrolide antibiotics (erythromycin, clarithromycin, etc.)
  • Heart medications (some calcium channel blockers)

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