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By Alexander Germanis

Most of us can remember the dreaded research paper assignment in school. Although the younger generations will never understand what it used to be like, many of us can easily recall needing to gather resources from all over to garner information.

Poring over periodicals, scouring the card catalog at the library, and investigating index after index were all necessary steps toward finally sitting down to start writing.

Traditionally, researching for a retirement community to move to would require equally extensive efforts. But now, has you covered. When it comes time to make your move to a retirement community, we do the legwork, gathering all those informational resources together in one place.

Some things are best left in the past, and we believe the old way of doing research should be one of those things.

Take Your Time

Perhaps one of the best parts about being retired is you don’t have to be so dependent on the clock. There is no timeclock to punch, no alarms blaring to wake you in time for another day at your job, nobody relying on you to be somewhere half an hour from now.

We at Easy Retirement Living want you to take your time—all the time you want—to decide when and where to move. We are not salesmen, nor will we contact salesmen to pressure you to decide on your move, now or ever.

Moving can be stressful enough without a clock ticking over your head reminding you to decide. With the many retirement community options available to choose from, the more you research, the happier you’ll be later on. Where you choose to settle down for retirement is an important decision and should be done with thought and, of course, time.

Test Drive Only When You’re Ready

Just like a move, purchasing a new car is best done after doing a lot of research. Learning about a vehicle’s maintenance history, whether it’s been in an accident, or whether its model year has had numerous recall notices are just some of the things worth looking into before making a purchase.

Thanks to the Internet, all of that information can be found without leaving your chair or talking to anyone. You can virtually inspect cars from thousands of miles away and make an informed decision from home, only taking the final test drive in person when you’re already 90 percent sure on your choice.

At Easy Retirement Living, we see the wisdom in the modern approach to research. We want you to be able to virtually “kick the tires” of every retirement community out there, so you won’t have to visit one or even talk to anyone until you are ready to take that test drive.

Safe at Home

It would be hard to find anybody who actually likes shopping for a car and being hassled by a high-pressure salesman working on commission. The ability to shop for a car without leaving the privacy and comfort of your home, therefore, is one of the best things the Internet has provided since its inception.

Easy Retirement Living happily extends that ease of making a major move through using our website. There is no salesman waiting for your choice, no time limit on how long you can take, and no number of retirement community options you’re limited to look through.

Better still, no one will be able to find out you’ve been researching your move, because we will never ask for any personal information. We do not ask for your phone number, e-mail address, physical address, or name, so your research can stay as anonymous as you would like for as long as you would like.

When you feel you are finally ready to tour some communities in person, that decision—as all decisions about your retirement—is up to you.

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