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The Newest Advancement in Surgical Care


Springfield Clinic Peoria Surgery Center

In the heart of Peoria, IL, a beacon of cutting-edge medical care has emerged. Springfield Clinic proudly presents its latest venture, the Springfield Clinic Peoria Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art facility designed to revolutionize outpatient surgical experiences.

With a focus on efficiency, comfort, and personalized care, this center promises a new standard in surgical excellence for the community.

Included with the surgery center is a dedicated recovery center with six licensed beds to cater to extended stay patient needs. This innovative approach ensures that higher acuity patients receive comprehensive care, transitioning seamlessly from surgery to recovery in a controlled environment.

Dr. Steven Tsoraides with Springfield Clinic affirms, “Many people don’t realize that not all surgical procedures require hospitalization. However, in addition to the truly outpatient procedures we will be able to perform at the new Surgery Center, we’re excited to be able to offer some patients the option of staying up to 72 hours in our comfortable, private environment. These are patients who might need observation or additional care immediately following their procedure.”

The Springfield Clinic Surgery Center offers a diverse array of surgical procedures, ranging from routine to complex. Some of the procedures include abdominoplasties, appendectomies, colonoscopies, hernia repairs, hysterectomies, and more.


Advantages of Choosing the Springfield Clinic Peoria Surgery Center

The benefits of opting for the Springfield Clinic Peoria Surgery Center are manifold, catering to both patients and providers alike:

o Quicker recovery time and faster discharge from the facility

o Reduced risk of infection due to the controlled environment and smaller patient volume

o Lower cost for patients and insurance providers compared to hospitals

o Specialized care and expertise in outpatient surgical procedures

o More convenient scheduling and location options for patients

o Personalized attention and shorter wait times for appointments and procedures

o Improved patient satisfaction and experience due to a more comfortable and private environment

o Access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology for enhanced surgical outcomes

o Ability to accommodate a wide range of surgical procedures, including those that may not require hospitalization


A Commitment to Excellence

In the words of Jennifer Boyer, Senior Vice President of Operations, “We bring a lot of experience to the Peoria area when it comes to outpatient surgery. That, combined with the expertise of the Peoria surgeons who have been practicing in the area for years, we hope will make patients confident in the excellence of surgical care they can expect.”

As pioneers in outpatient surgical care, Springfield Clinic invites you to experience a new era in health care for Peoria. Discover the difference at the Springfield Clinic Surgery Center—a place where innovation meets compassion, and where your well-being is our utmost priority.


           Speak with your provider about scheduling your procedure at this location or call 309.495.0200 to request a consultation. To learn more about the Springfield Clinic Surgery Center, visit