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Taking Care of Your Skin


Submitted by Springfield Clinic

Your skin acts as a barrier to the outside world and keeps your body functioning. It can be a reflection of your internal health, and it’s a part of the image you present to the world. When you have problems with your skin, you need answers. For that, you need a board-certified dermatologist. A physician certified by the American Board of Dermatology will have completed four years of training after medical school in an accredited dermatology residency program learning to manage a diverse array of skin conditions. That provider can help you find answers for the cause of your skin issues and develop a management plan that fits your goals.

Dr. Colleen Silva is a board-certified dermatologist now seeing patients at Springfield Clinic Peoria Allen, located at 9010 North Allen Road. She grew up in Ottawa, IL, and is excited to return to her midwestern roots. She completed medical school at Florida Atlantic University and dermatology residency at Penn State, where she trained with internationally-renowned dermatologists to learn the most up-to-date practices for the management of diverse skin conditions. She offers services to adults and children for treatment of all skin conditions, including skin cancers, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. She routinely performs surgical removal of both cancerous and non-cancerous lesions of the skin. She also treats disorders of hair and nails.

Dr. Silva was drawn to the field of dermatology for the variety of care the field provides. She enjoys using both medical and surgical techniques to care for her patients. In starting Springfield Clinic’s first Peoria-based dermatology practice, she hopes to offer improved access to patients in need and develop long-term relationships with her patients. She believes the most important part of caring for people is listening. She notes that patients know their own bodies better than anyone else, and the information they provide is critical to getting the right diagnosis. Patients also know what treatment fits into their lives best. Some patients know they don’t tolerate pills well and would prefer a cream. Some patients need to know a skin cancer is completely clear and requires an excision, while others prefer minimally-invasive treatments such as chemotherapy ointments. She fits the treatment to the patient.

Dr. Silva is looking forward to serving the Peoria area. Starting in 2023, she will also be offering cosmetic treatments at Springfield Clinic Peoria Heights, located at 4616 North Prospect Road, Peoria Heights, IL.