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Redefining a Heritage of Care


Health care for seniors today is different from what it was in the past. Today, the fastest growing population is people who are 65 and older. Because people are living longer, health care has evolved to reflect their changing needs.

Heritage Health in Chillicothe has been a trusted leader in providing health care services to older adults in the surrounding communities. It has adjusted its health care services over the years to effectively serve their distinct needs. What was once seen as a skilled nursing center for the elderly has expanded into a rehab center offering specialized areas of physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

As a continued commitment to serve the health care needs of its patients, Heritage Health is currently undergoing an extensive renovation that will elevate the quality of service given to its patients and their families. In addition to the building improvements at Heritage Health, a brand new community called Evergreen Senior Living is also under construction. Evergreen Senior Living will offer two levels of assisted living services. Both projects should be completed and ready to serve patients and residents by spring 2015.

Elevated Atmosphere at Heritage Health
Heritage is redefining senior health care and service offerings. Once the renovations at Heritage Health on Hillcrest Drive are complete and the construction is finalized at Evergreen Senior Living on Stillwater Drive, patients and guests will experience a continuity between the two buildings with the new finishes, colors, and design of the transformed environment giving a “hospitality and residential feel,” rather than a health care facility feel, according to Pete Bolt, senior vice president of operations for Heritage Enterprises. Bolt oversees the health care operations of Heritage Health in Chillicothe. “The experience [will be] more comforting and uplifting… for visitors and family.”

Patient privacy is a standard of health care today. Heritage has taken this into consideration with the renovation plan. “We’re converting semi-private rooms to luxurious private suites,” explains Blake Lopeman, admissions coordinator for Heritage Health. “The rooms will be very large, with a private bathroom, in-suite dining, and emergency response system.”

Among the elevated features of the renovation are the following:

  • 300-square foot private rooms
  • Mounted flat-screen TVs in the patient rooms
  • Wi-Fi connection throughout the building
  • 2500-square foot Restore Therapy Gym

The Heritage Health medical director, Dr. Ted Rogers, and a nurse practitioner are on-site weekly to further ensure a strong and effective caregiving team approach.

RESTORE Therapy services are offered exclusively at Heritage Health. Therapy will be available seven days a week. Private rooms for short-term rehab patients and the RESTORE Therapy Gym will make up the dedicated RESTORE Therapy wing. The goal of RESTORE is to provide transitional care and training so that short-term rehab patients can return home.

“[Patients] come in needing the maximum amount of assistance,” Bolt summarizes, “but they leave being independent or needing minimal care.” He believes this is due to their programs and the atmosphere at Heritage Health. “In a hospital setting, patients don’t always get the therapy they need to transition successfully.” 

By providing therapy and restorative care in a warm environment, Heritage Health is able to get people home more quickly after surgery. Not only do they get to go home more quickly, but they also stay home.

The national average readmission rate (when someone is admitted back to the hospital within 30 days of their previous hospital stay) is 18 percent. According to Bolt, that is due to patients not being fully healed or ready to go home. The readmission rate at Heritage Health for patients who come for short-term rehab is substantially lower at 11 percent. Bolt credits the ability to address conditions on-site instead of sending people back to the hospital. Preventing readmissions to the hospital saves money for both patients and providers, among other benefits.

Evergreen Senior Living
Heritage Enterprises is proud to introduce Evergreen Senior Living, a type of community that is new to the Chillicothe area. In the spring of 2015, the Evergreen Senior Living campus will feature traditional assisted living at Evergreen Place with 53 apartments as well as 20 additional apartments at The Legacy: Memory Support.

Staci Amy, director, points out that life brings changes. For those who need extra care or help with maintaining their independence, Evergreen Place and The Legacy both provide several benefits.  

Many core services such as meals, laundry, an emergency response system, housekeeping, and transportation are included in the rent. Residents also have the opportunity to customize support by choosing services such as medication reminders, personal assistance, or wellness support for changing health needs. “We are committed to assisting our residents in pursuing individually satisfying lifestyles,” Amy states.

The community will showcase service-rich amenities in a maintenance-free and charming atmosphere. It has been designed with the residents’ comfort and good health in mind. Some of the amenities will include:

  • Three dining destinations (Traditions Restaurant, Crossroads Café, and Legends Pub)
  • One Stop Shoppe
  • Fireplace Lodge
  • Community Center
  • Senior Flex
  • Critics Reel Theatre
  • Chapel
  • Renew Day Spa
  • Grey Ghost Library

Residents will have a choice of three floor plans: studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. The apartments were designed with seniors in mind, featuring individualized heating and central air, emergency response systems, and spacious bathrooms with walk-in showers and grab bars for safety.

The Legacy: Memory Support was purposefully designed to ensure a safe, simple environment for those who need memory support. “The Legacy is structured to be an uncomplicated lifestyle that provides for an environment with meaningful activity and daily opportunities for success,” says Amy. 

The Legacy’s core philosophy, “Life Unrehearsed,” focuses on personal interaction and life skills, allowing every day to unfold based on each resident’s history, preferences, and needs. This daily journey offers a gentle structure for a number of programs available throughout the day. “This individualized approach is designed to maintain the residents’ abilities, encouraging the use of their skills and creating a sense of security and belonging,” Amy explains.

Campus Living
Heritage Enterprises’ goal is to provide a campus environment that will allow them to meet the needs of seniors, regardless of their circumstances. “We believe our continuum of care in Chillicothe will allow us to bring higher quality options for seniors and their families,” explains Lori Kerns, senior vice president of supportive and assisted living for Heritage Enterprises.

Heritage continues its tradition of high-quality care standards. Bolt says the renovations at Heritage Health and residential services at Evergreen Senior Living demonstrate Heritage Enterprises’ commitment to improving the lives of seniors and their families. It also exemplifies their respect for the individuals they serve.

Additionally, the Heritage culture of “Happy to Oblige” (H to O) sets both Heritage Health and Evergreen Senior Living apart from other health care providers and senior living communities. Employees use their H to O skills every day to serve the patients, residents, and their families by focusing on positive interactions and effective communication.

When you or a loved one needs to explore the options of short-term rehab or assisted living, call Heritage Health or the Evergreen Senior Living sales office. Heritage Health accepts Medicare Plan A, Medicare replacement policies, and private insurance. Evergreen Place and the Legacy accept private pay, veterans’ aid, and long-term care insurance.

For inquiries about Evergreen Senior Living, please contact the sales office at 309-274-5440, or visit They are located at 226 N. Fourth St., Chillicothe.

For more information about short-term rehab and the RESTORE therapy services at Heritage Health on Hillcrest Drive, please call 309-274-2194 or visit