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Providing Comprehensive Primary Care


No one wants to feel like they are just a number—especially when they have a medical or wellness concern. That is why Solvera Health is bringing hospitality to healthcare, treating each patient like a treasured guest who deserves personal attention.

Serving patients in the Peoria, Galesburg, and Carbondale areas, the providers of Solvera Health deliver exceptional care through a comprehensive primary care model that makes it easy, convenient, accessible, and affordable for most patients.

Solvera Health has a vision of transforming how primary care is delivered to the communities they serve. Reviews on Google show a 4.7-star rating and demonstrate that their approach resonates with patients. In her online review, Krystal C. said, “Everyone here was so friendly and caring! The doctor listened to everything I had to say, and all issues were addressed. He took his time with me and made sure I understood… I even got all my medications before I walked out the door! This was my best experience in a medical facility!”


The Cornerstones of Care

Solvera Health is built upon three primary categories that come together to form an umbrella of services that provide primary care (Solvera Care), support wellness (Solvera Well), and offer an understanding of your healthcare costs (Solvera Sure).

“The entire team at Solvera Health is committed to providing each patient with the personalized care they need—when they need it—in a convenient, personalized and uplifting manner,” said George Gilbert, MD. “This model enables us to serve those in our community by engaging with them in ways that contribute to an improved quality of life.”


Solvera | Care

The providers at Solvera believe that comprehensive care is at the very core of you achieving optimal health outcomes and they are dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals, families, and seniors. “Comprehensive care” means that Solvera providers do more than just discuss one aspect of your health. Instead, they look at the big picture and provide either resources or referrals to empower you to take an active role in living a healthier life. Here are some examples:

  • While each Solvera Health location offers different onsite specialists, some of the categories include Obstetrics, Gynecology and Woman’s Health, Audiology, Physical Therapy, and Urology.
  • They believe in being a partner with the local healthcare system. If you need a specialist that is not available in your Solvera Health location, their staff will provide you with a referral to a Solvera provider in one of their other offices or to a quality specialist outside of the Solvera family. Helping to coordinate these referrals facilitates continuity of care and makes life easier for patients.
  • They also recognize that coordinating transportation or taking time off work to get labs (bloodwork, COVID and flu tests) and imaging services (x-rays, bone density, ultrasound) completed can be a hassle. Solvera Health makes it easy with all three locations having in-house lab services and the Peoria office also offering imaging.
  • The Solvera Pharmacy, located right on-site, is another popular feature at the Peoria location. Pharmacies are planned in the future for the Galesburg and Carbondale locations. Imagine being able to go straight home after a doctor’s appointment instead of heading to the drug store!


Solvera | WELL

Proactively managing your health and wellness is essential to your ability to meet many of your life goals and enjoy daily living to the fullest. Solvera Well encompasses Preventative Health, Care Management, and Workplace Wellness.

Providing Preventative Health services is how Solvera helps prevent or identify serious diseases and medical problems before they become major health issues. This is done through the following services:

  • Medicare Annual Wellness Visits
  • Care Management Team
  • Annual School Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Hearing Tests
  • Physical Therapy
  • Preventative Screenings and Testing (such as urinalysis, blood workups, etc.)
  • Coordinating specialty referrals


Care Management is a pro-active, patient-centered approach that guides patients and their support systems—including their family members—to manage chronic conditions more effectively such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other health concerns that impact daily living.

Care Coaches help patients, families, and caregivers find resources patients need to maintain the best quality of life possible. Services include:

  • Monthly phone consultations
  • Coordination of specialty services
  • Remote monitoring of vital signs
  • Health education, support, and community resource suggestions


Solvera’s Care Coaches are an essential part of the Care Management team. Successful Care Management is designed to enhance the coordination of patient care, reduce the risk of complications, and help reduce costly hospital admissions and readmissions. After your appointment with your care provider, there may be ongoing needs that require regular follow-up or management, especially in the case of post-hospital recovery or chronic care conditions.

And because everyone at Solvera Health knows that medical concerns do not exist in a vacuum, they look at the big picture of your needs. For example, if a patient does not have reliable transportation, the Solvera team can provide referrals to transportation options and/or offer phone or video appointments to minimize that barrier to care.

Building on the fact that health is a 24/7 issue, Solvera Health also offers Workplace Wellness services that benefit both the employee and the employer. In addition to supporting the well-being and safety of employees, Workplace Wellness services include pre-employment health screenings, drug testing (pre-employment and ongoing), ergonomics support, functional assessments, Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and sleep screenings, and other assistance your organization needs.

Workplace Wellness is available to meet the needs of groups of all sizes—from small businesses to mega corporations, as well as trade associations, healthcare, the military, and municipalities.


Solvera | SURE

This comprehensive organization covers all the bases—including the financial aspects of healthcare. Solvera Sure is staffed with professionals who can help you understand and manage your overall healthcare costs including:

  • Medicare Plans
  • Group Share Plans
  • Small Business / Self-Funded Plans


Within this category of service, WLM Insurance is a separate entity dedicated to supporting Solvera Health. Comprised of licensed and certified agents, these experts in their respective fields understand the various healthcare plans and are equipped to explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of your current plan.

WLM Insurance offers a free consultation regarding alternative insurance approaches, empowering you to be more informed about various approaches to insurance.

Solvera Sure can customize affordable healthcare approaches for small businesses such as:

  • Finding health insurance options for employees to support underserved individuals.
  • Developing membership options for employees, with transparent pricing.
  • Keeping employees healthy and on the job with Workplace Wellness programs.
  • Helping employees that are sick, with convenient care and/or telehealth services.
  • Getting employees back to work with medical care and physical therapy (as needed).


Bringing It All Together

From head to toe—and everything in between—Solvera Health is committed to providing you, your family and your workplace with the services needed to support your best possible health and well-being. You can learn more at—where you can request an appointment online—or calling one of their three Illinois locations:

  • Peoria 309-886-9172
  • Galesburg 309-233-2836
  • Carbondale 618-457-4999


Bringing Hospitality to Healthcare


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