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Lymphatic Enhancement Technology: Next Level Wellness Innovation


Submitted by Purify Colonics

Of all the intricate systems of the human body, the Lymphatic System may very well be the least familiar to those of us not involved in the medical profession. One of the functions of the lymphatic system is to drain interstitial fluid from the spaces between our tissue cells. Once the interstitial fluid enters the lymphatic capillaries, it is known as Lymph. Lymph is comprised primarily of water, but also contains substances from tissue cells such as hormones, enzymes, and waste products (toxins). Blockages, or slow drainage of lymph from the body results in swelling, or edema, and can cause a slew of health issues, not to mention pain. Edema commonly occurs after surgeries or injuries.

The Lymphatic vessels and capillaries transport the lymph to our Lymph Nodes, or glands, which are in clusters in the groin, armpits, and neck. (There are over 500 nodes in the human body!) We are most familiar with the nodes located in the neck, since they tend to swell when we are ill, and doctors will usually check them during exams. When the lymph enters the lymph nodes, our immune response is activated. If our lymphatic system is sluggish or malfunctioning, toxins can build up and cause illness. Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) can improve the flow of lymph to the lymph nodes and help to remove blockages in the lymph nodes so that the lymph can be expelled from the body naturally through respiration, urination, or perspiration.

LET is a system of electronic instrumentation that aids in improving the flow and drainage of lymph. LET units, such as the Lymphstar Pro, offer several layers of electromagnetic energies. The unit incorporates a mild electrostatic energy field with low frequencies that create a wave pulse. This “wave pulse” creates a vibratory energy at the molecular level, enabling the release of toxins, and reducing inflammation and pain.

LET therapy is a relaxing and soothing experience. Sessions are usually 30 or 60 minutes, and can treat the whole body, or a specified area, such as an injury site where scar tissue may be present. The therapist will provide a thorough consultation and review of your intake form and explain what to expect during your session. He/she will select the appropriate frequency and begin the therapy. The glass probes of the LET unit are gently glided over the skin along the paths of the lymphatic vessels, moving the flow of lymph toward the lymph nodes. The probes produce a mild “buzzing” sound, and a soft “vibration” may be felt. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) may also be incorporated as needed.

LET is used across the US, Canada, and worldwide in the treatment of lymphedema and Lyme disease, for managing edema from infections, surgery, or radiation therapy, detoxing following chemotherapy, for digestive and elimination problems, peripheral neuropathy, and fatigue. LET can also be used as an important maintenance therapy for healthy individuals.

LET is NOT advised for pregnant women, those with a history of blood clots, implanted medical devices, or neoplastic conditions.

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