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Is It Time to Move to a Retirement Home?


By Alexander Germanis


Just as big a question as when to retire is the question of to where. While aging in place may be ideal for some, we at would like to illustrate many great advantages to considering a move to a retirement community.


Safe at Home

One has only to briefly peruse a daily newsfeed to see the world is definitely not getting any better. Traveling both domestically and abroad have gotten more dangerous. And gone are the days when you leave your car or home unlocked. Now, you do so at your own peril.

In a retirement community, however, safety and security are the order of the day. There are no fears of solicitors knocking on your door and no scam artists able to easily reach you. Many communities offer most if not all the amenities of life without the dangers of venturing out into an increasingly unpredictable world.

Aside from providing shelter from an unsafe environment, many retirement homes also offer around-the-clock nursing care, community monitoring, and other healthcare amenities that can bring priceless peace of mind on a daily basis.


Common Unity

When we were young, our world consisted of a small neighborhood. Our friends all lived next door, across the street, or maybe down the block.

As we entered our teen years and adulthood, that world expanded, often exponentially, until it encompassed cities, states, or even countries.

But life has a funny way of coming around in a big circle. Retirement can be a way to return to that simplicity of youth, in a way. The retirement community can become the new neighborhood where your best friends once again live right next door, down the hall, or just across campus.

Perhaps one of the best parts of living in such a home is everyone shares the occupation of retirement. New friendships can be forged, and entire communities can be unified in a love for their shared home and their common time of life.

Being socially connected in such a way has proven to be beneficial to mental, spiritual, and emotional health, which in turn, positively affect physical health.


Amenities of Life

The only thing better than retirement is more time in retirement. Thankfully, staying fit and healthy is becoming easier in today’s retirement communities, as many offer easy access to on-campus or in-building gymnasiums, exercise classes, and other physical health amenities.

The daily and seasonal chores associated with living on one’s own often go by the wayside as well. Many communities offer three daily meals, laundry service, landscaping, maintenance, and more. Fewer worries of daily living mean less stress, which translates to not only enjoying one’s retirement more but can also possibly lead to more time in retirement.


Starting Your Search

Visit to begin your search for your new home. You’ll begin by selecting from retirement home categories such as communities, home health agencies, and hospices, depending on your need. Based on your chosen zip code, we will then search through the database to find all homes in the area. We complement this database with other invaluable resources, such as regular articles focusing on different retirement topics.

Just as important as your search is knowing that the search is being done in complete privacy. We will never ask you for personal information, no salesman will contact you, and no third party will gain access to your search results. We believe enjoying the privacy of retirement should absolutely begin with the privacy of searching for where to retire.


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