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Is Home Care Right for Your Loved One?


Submitted by Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka

One of the decisions people most fear is the one about their parent’s care. How long can someone with dementia live alone? Are there rules about when a person should be in an assisted living facility? And what about home care?

There are no rules to make this decision easier, but home care is something to seriously consider. It’s true that in some situations, home care isn’t feasible, and you should talk to a provider to see if this is right for you, but home care is generally a good answer to aging problems. Here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Comfortable surroundings. Everyone feels most at ease in their own home; the surroundings are familiar, the floorboards have a comfortable squeak, and we know that the microwave runs high. We’re used to all of this. And yet, as we age, we are often asked to give up this familiarity. Home care can help you stay in this comfortable environment while providing the care you need.
  2. Peace of mind. Caregiving can be stressful, especially for family members. Most home care services offer either around-the-clock care or hourly services, to come alongside stressed-out family members and caregivers. This can be simple respite care—while the rest of the family goes on vacation—or certain days of the week for a more scheduled assistance.
  3. Economical. It’s no secret that long-term care facilities tend to be pricey. Just how can one wallet handle that expense? According to, the national average daily cost for a private room is $275. Home care workers tend to charge by the hour, anywhere from $21.50 to $23.25 in the Peoria/Bloomington, Illinois area (Genworth Financial, Cost of Care Survey 2018). One way to deal with the expense of senior living is to consider getting care for only the times when you need it—just on laundry day or at mealtimes, for instance.
  4. One-on-one care. No one likes to feel like just one of many. While nursing facilities can offer stimulating social interaction, home care offers the one-on-one care that makes your loved one feel truly heard and cared for. His or her needs are top priority.
  5. You’re in charge. If you only need two visits a week to help with a bath and the laundry, that’s your decision. If you just need someone there at night, home care is there to help. You don’t need to pattern your life around our schedules. Caregivers expect you to live the life you love with them there to help maintain independence and preserve dignity. With home care, your loved one is the boss.

Home health care is a happy compromise between independent living and skilled nursing care. But there are several things that hold people back from getting either. Among the most common are the fear of losing independence and the worry over the expense. Home Care Services removes those worries so you can focus on what’s important—your health.

This article was written by Michelle Kennell for Victory Home Care Services located in Roanoke, IL. Victory Home Care Services is a newly formed joint venture between the Apostolic Christian Homes of Eureka and Roanoke. For additional information on Victory Home Care Services, contact Holly Gerdes, agency manager at 309-242-5316 or visit us at