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How to Navigate


By Alex Germanis


Simple Approach

The great screen comedian Charlie Chaplin once said: “Simplicity of approach is always best.” We at Easy Retirement Living could not agree more. Your life has been complicated enough already, so there’s no reason to make retirement the same way. So, we have striven to make not only an easy place to navigate, but a pleasant, stress-free, and above all, private, way to get the information you need to make retirement truly a time to ‘take it easy.’


Easy as 1, 2, 3

“Don’t underestimate the power of small steps to build a great future,” says poet and children’s author Jocelyn Soriano. The steps you take here at will certainly be small steps, but they can lead you or your loved one to the future you deserve.

To get started, just pick the category in which you would like to search. Select from the different types of retirement communities, hospices, and home health agencies. Once you enter your zip code, we’ll search through the database for you in order to find all the communities, agencies, and facilities in that area. No community is hidden behind a paywall, nor are some communities given priority over others. Every community will be listed, no matter how small or large.


The Right Information in the Right Hands

Make no mistake. We understand retirement decisions are not small. Where you or a loved one will choose to live is a major choice. That is why we endeavor to provide you with as much information as possible while still acknowledging there can be such a thing as too much information.

For that reason, we want to provide you with the data you want and need and not laden you with tons of unnecessary information unrelated to your search. “Information is a source of learning.” said Quaker minister William Pollard. “But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”

To further provide that benefit, we complement our community database with in-depth information on retirement in general, both when and where to move, and resources to help with your next step in life. These informative articles will be added frequently to, so come visit us often.


Anonymity Is Priceless

Whether browsing for the latest television to buy or searching for a new car, the fear your peace is going to be interrupted by a pushy salesman has always been a concern. One would have thought the advent of Internet shopping would have put an end to that fear, but instead it has only made maintaining your anonymity even less likely. One cannot peruse a site for even a grocery store without an insistent request for one’s personal information. Some sites won’t even let you use their service without you surrendering your address, birthdate, and more.

Here at, we value your privacy as much as you do. That is why we will never ask for any personal information. Aside from your desired zip code, the information you obtain here will be done in complete anonymity. No salesperson will hound you. No bot will annoy you. No third party will get access to your personal information. As cryptographer Bruce Schneier says: “Privacy is an inherent human right and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect.”


We believe that wholeheartedly. Whether you’re looking for retirement living for yourself or a loved one, you deserve to do so with your dignity and privacy intact.


Welcome to!