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How Serious Are You About Fitness?


Discover the Benefits of a Personal Trainer

By Mike Hintz, Absolute Fitness

We understand that when we want things done right and to avoid costly mistakes, we need to seek the services of an expert in the appropriate field. For example, we choose an accountant for tax advice, hire a lawyer to oversee legal proceedings, and seek out a dentist to provide our dental care. This same attitude needs to be carried out in our personal health and fitness programs.

Research shows that 75 percent of people participating in a fitness program are not satisfied with their fitness results. However, of the 25 percent that are satisfied, 90 percent of them are working with a personal trainer (PT). Educated, trained, and skilled specialists in other professions provide valuable services and get the job done right. Likewise, a degreed, certified, and experienced PT can help you maximize the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of your fitness program. Without guidance and instruction from a PT who understands the complexities of the human body, your exercise program will never accomplish all that it should.


People hire personal trainers for the following reasons:

  1. Results – they need help reaching their fitness and weight loss goals
  2. Accountability – they need to schedule an appointment
  3. Motivation – they need encouragement along the way
  4. Customize – they need a program to meet their unique concerns
  5. Safety – they want to avoid injuries
  6. Beginner – they want to start a fitness program
  7. Break through plateaus – they need help making changes to their routine


Your PT should give you undivided attention and constant interaction—never running off to a phone call, a visit with friends, or assisting another client. They should be with you every step of the way to supervise, instruct, correct, and motivate you in order to ensure that every workout is as productive and efficient as possible. Otherwise, they simply become your workout caddie or babysitter.

Studies indicate that those who exercise with a PT obtain significantly better fitness results and are more likely to stick with their program than those who exercise without supervision. The time and money spent learning the proper technique and routine is nothing compared to what is spent recovering from an exercise-related injury. Many people do not know what they want from an exercise program; or if they know, they do not know how to achieve it. People want to gain “control” of their life. In other words, they do not want to lose control of their health, fitness level, or physical appearance. Utilizing the services and expertise of a qualified PT will help gain back some of this lost control.

How should one approach hiring a PT?  Start by contacting a facility of your choice and interview the PTs on staff. Do some research and ask them the following questions before signing on with them:  What is their overall approach and philosophy? What are their credentials—CPR, first aid, certifications, education/degree, and work experience? Do they have experience in working with someone with your goals or physical condition? Do they listen and are they attentive to your needs? Do they have any references?

After the interview, ask yourself, do you believe that they can help you reach your goals?  If you want to increase your chances of obtaining your fitness goals, find a qualified PT in a facility designed with your results in mind. Any trainer can make you tired, sore, or have you perform the newest or latest trend in the fitness industry, but not every trainer will make you better. A quality PT can teach, train, and transform your body toward optimal health and fitness.


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