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How Often Do Tractor Accidents Lead to Farm Worker Injuries?


Submitted by Kanoski Bresney Law Firm

Agriculture is a major industry in central Illinois, and there are more than 70,000 farms in the state that provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers. However, working on a farm can be dangerous, and there are multiple types of situations where injuries can occur. Tractor accidents are one of the most common ways that farm workers may be injured. Those involved in these types of accidents will want to work with an attorney to determine their options for receiving financial compensation.

Causes of Tractor Accidents
Every year, more than 30,000 people suffer serious injuries while working on farms in the United States. Around 400 people are killed each year in these types of accidents, and around half of all fatalities occur in tractor accidents. These accidents may involve a tractor running over a person, a tractor colliding with a motor vehicle, or a person becoming entangled in a tractor’s machinery.

Tractor rollover accidents are the most common cause of fatal injuries on farms, and around 130 people are killed every year in these types of accidents. In fact, around 10 percent of all tractor operators will be involved in a rollover accident at some point during their career. These types of accidents can cause a person to suffer serious injuries in a fall or due to being crushed underneath a tractor. Some common types of injuries in these situations include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the limbs resulting in amputation.

In many cases, injuries in tractor rollover accidents can be minimized through rollover protective structures (ROPS). Many newer tractors use structures such as roll bars or cage frames to provide a zone of protection around a tractor operator and minimize the possibility of injuries. Older tractors may also be retrofitted with ROPS to ensure that they can be operated safely. However, while these structures can provide some protection for the person driving a tractor, they will not protect others who may be struck or crushed by a tractor in a rollover accident.

Farm workers who are injured in a tractor accident may be able to receive workers’ compensation. In addition to these benefits, a victim may also be able to pursue compensation through a third-party claim against anyone else who contributed to an accident. If a tractor’s protective equipment did not function correctly, a person may be able to pursue a product liability lawsuit against the tractor’s manufacturer. A negligent driver may also be held liable for injuries that occurred in a collision with a tractor.

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