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Discover the “Bounce Back” Journey


By Sara Browning

Providing a continuum of care for senior
citizens, Liberty Village takes pride in its beautiful campus,
activities, and entertainment, and the specialized rehabilitative
services offered through its Bounce Back Program and AJ’s Fitness

Simply the Finest in retirement living is not just a slogan for Liberty Village of Peoria and Pekin. It is a way of life.

“Our campus is arranged for a graceful transition through
progressive levels of care,” says Terri Ewers, Director of Marketing and
Sales at Liberty Village. “We also provide exceptional rehabilitative
services through our Bounce Back Program. Our interdisciplinary team of
experienced professionals and state-of-the-art therapy equipment provide
a full range of rehabilitative therapies for our residents right on
campus. Our genuine sense of caring is the ribbon that ties all of our
services together.”

“Bouncing Back” to a Better Life
As part of the services provided at Liberty Village, the retirement
community’s Bounce Back Rehabilitation Program offers a full range of
specialized rehabilitative therapies that allow residents to rehab,
recover, and return home. Explains Terri: “Bounce Back is not a jingle
or a slogan. It is a philosophy of excellence in the rehabilitation of
older adults.”

Geared toward seniors who are coping with the
challenges of recovering from a major illness or sudden trauma following
a hospital stay, the Bounce Back Rehabilitation Program assists
residents who require daily short-term skilled nursing care and
continued physical, occupational, or speech therapies to alleviate pain,
restore function, and improve mobility until residents are ready to
return home. The Bounce Back Program also provides orthopedic
interventions targeted for specific orthopedic conditions; balance and
fall prevention, including standardized balance assessments;
osteoporosis and compression fracture management; pain management;
neurological interventions; and conservative management of incontinence.

During their recovery stay at Liberty Village, residents enjoy the
luxury of exclusive private and semi-private spacious neighborhood
suites and Bounce Back dining. “Our Bounce Back residents have their own
dining room where they can eat with their peers. We offer comfortable
accommodations to speed residents’ recovery,” says Terri. “This is the
best type of facility to help seniors through their recovery process!”

The Bounce Back Team
Liberty Village’s Bounce Back team is composed of highly trained
staff with extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of older
adults. The team designs an individualized, comprehensive therapy
treatment program for Bounce Back participants centered around the
unique goals and needs of each patient. “At Liberty Village, we value
patient-centered care above all else,” says Terri.

The Bounce
Back team includes residents and their loved ones, the resident’s
personal physician, highly skilled nurses, a physical therapist, an
occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a pulmonary rehab
specialist, a registered dietician, and a social worker. “Our team of
professionals helps residents build confidence by practicing their
skills in real life environments,” Terri says, adding: “We educate
individuals on safety and confidence in performing daily activities.”

State-of-the-Art Equipment
State-of-the-art therapy equipment aids in patient recovery. The
Bounce Back therapy room features HUR Air Compressed Equipment and One
Rep Max, equipment designed for hip abduction strengthening to reduce
fall and risk of fracture.

A Smooth Transition
Once a patient is ready to return home, the care team works with
residents and their families to make the transition smooth and easy.
“Our rehab professionals assess each person’s home for barriers and
evaluate his or her needs for specialized equipment, home modification,
and community resources,” says Terri. “We make things as comfortable as
possible for our residents as they return home and give them everything
they need to feel safe and secure.”

Are You Covered?
Residents’ participation in the Bounce Back Program may range from a
few weeks to a few months, depending on the individual needs of the
resident. Residents who benefit from short-term skilled nursing care are
eligible for Medicare coverage up to 100 days if they meet Medicare
coverage requirements.

“When you’re ready to be discharged from
the hospital, but you’re not ready for a nursing home, our Bounce Back
Program is the answer!” says Terri.

Continuing Therapy
Liberty Village staff encourages residents who have graduated from
the Bounce Back Program to stay fit using AJ’s Fitness Center. AJ’s
Fitness is available to all campus residents, including those who reside
in the Villas and the Estate tenants. The fitness center’s HUR Smart
Card equipment allows residents to scan their card for a personalized
strengthening workout aligned to meet residents’ individual activity

AJ’s Fitness Center offers a wellness program with a wide
variety of fitness activities specifically designed to address
strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. These four areas are key
when helping residents remain as independent as possible. Residents who
come to AJ’s are on track to good health!

The Bounce Back Experience
Participants in the Bounce Back program and AJ’s Fitness Center have
only good things to say! After experiencing a small stroke, Loia Davis
needed short-term rehabilitation before she returned to her apartment at
Pekin Estates. She specifically requested to come to Pekin Manor, as
her friends have told her great things about the Bounce Back program.

“Staff greets me with open arms daily and are very friendly
throughout my stay. They continue to care about what needs I have and
provide encouragement when I start to get down. Therapists remind me
that our number one goal is safety, so they have taken me through my own
home and provided me great suggestions to remain safe and independent. I
also enjoy their creativity with new and different exercises to try,
which keeps my sessions fun and exciting.”

“Before my stroke, I
attended AJ’s Fitness Center several days a week, which has reduced my
recovery time greatly. Once I graduate from the Bounce Back program, I
will be right back to exercising at AJ’s Fitness Center!”

Promoting Healthier Living
Fulfilling its mission to deliver exceptional health care to senior
citizens in its community, Liberty Village provides residents access to
free health care screenings with the UnityPoint Health-Methodist
Wellmobile, a program designed to educate the community regarding the
benefits of staying healthy. The Wellmobile brings free or low-cost
screenings throughout Central Illinois and offers a valuable service to
the public and Liberty Village residents.

Residents receive
information on healthy living, early disease detection, disease
prevention, and other health-related topics. Free screenings for
residents include blood pressure screenings, cholesterol screenings,
blood glucose screenings, spirometry screenings (lung function), and
vascular screenings. Heart screenings are available for $40 and prostate
screenings for $25.

The Wellmobile is available to the public
and the residents at Liberty Village of Peoria on the third Wednesday of
each month from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and at Liberty Village of Pekin on
the first Wednesday of each month from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. For more
information, visit

“At Liberty Village, our
residents’ health is our first priority,” Terri says. “We give residents
everything they need at every level of care.”

For more information on Liberty Village of Peoria and Pekin, visit
Liberty Village of Peoria is located at 6900 North Stalworth Drive, 309-693-1400.
Liberty Village of Pekin is located at 1520 El Camino Drive, 309-353-1099.
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