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Compassionate Care and Management of a Life-Long Diagnosis


The Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute (BCDI), located at the corner of Northmoor Road and Knoxville Avenue in Peoria, IL, has been serving patients of downstate Illinois since April 2010. Among many accolades, BCDI is the only nonprofit federally funded Hemophilia Treatment Center of Excellence in Illinois, outside of Chicago, providing integrated family-oriented care, treatment and education for individuals with bleeding, blood clotting and other blood disorders.

Most recently, BCDI celebrated the grand opening of their new Peoria office location. A ribbon cutting was held in September 2021 to celebrate the opening of a new 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Compared to the previous location, this new location includes double the number of patient exam rooms, a dedicated infusion suite, as well as technology for telehealth and extended space for the BCDI Pharmacy, Laboratory and Research Program.

In addition to practicing in the Peoria office, BCDI physicians and providers travel to the communities of Rockford, Ottawa, Macomb, Moline, Decatur, Arthur, Springfield, Champaign and Carbondale to provide comprehensive care for the patient, where it’s close to their home. This type of personalized patient care is top priority for BCDI in achieving the best possible health and wellbeing for patients.

With this philosophy in mind, Dr. Michael Tarantino, Chief Medical Officer and CEO, and his team of multidisciplinary caregivers established a comprehensive care approach for patients and their families. This method addresses whole patient care, including physical, mental and emotional concerns impacted by their diagnosis. During a comprehensive care visit, a patient sees a variety of expert caregivers. From hematologists to social workers, a nutritionist and everything in between—patients learn to live life to the fullest, regardless of their diagnosis.

This united approach leads to a timely diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plans and optimal long-term care of patients with bleeding and clotting disorders. In fact, the concept of comprehensive care has evolved over the past 40 years and subsequently has improved the quality of life for people living with bleeding disorders. BCDI patients and families alike report an improved quality of life.

To further optimize patient care and healthier lives, BCDI has a dedicated on-site pharmacy. The BCDI Pharmacy not only benefits BCDI patients, but also the larger bleeding disorders community by saving thousands of dollars on necessary medication purchases through the Public Health Service 340B Pharmacy Program. Additionally, the BCDI Pharmacy is dually accredited from URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Achieving these accreditations exhibits the dedication to quality and continuous performance improvement of BCDI staff.

Beyond caring for patients and their overall health and wellbeing, BCDI is a leader in clinical and translational research in the areas of hemostasis, thrombosis and benign hematology. Grant-funded projects are BCDI physician-led in collaboration with medical colleagues, nationally and internationally, to bring cutting-edge research and treatment to central and southern Illinois. The Dills Family Foundation Center for Research at BCDI, launched by a generous donation from the Dills Family Foundation, has helped BCDI researchers continue to improve the lives of those in the bleeding and clotting disorders community.

BCDI providers and staff are proud to serve the communities of downstate Illinois. Whether a patient is newly diagnosed or living with an inherited diagnosis, BCDI is here to support them through integrated care and compassion. As BCDI strives to be an advocate for patients and communities served, the bar is continually set high for medical excellence.

Did you know? The month of March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Bleeding disorders affect thousands of Americans and oftentimes, it’s a life-long diagnosis requiring frequent doctor’s visits, expensive medications and mindfulness of potential symptoms and lifestyle choices.

What is a bleeding disorder? A bleeding disorder is diagnosed by the inability of the patient’s blood to clot properly. Clotting helps bodies heal after injury, from a small cut to a major trauma. Failure to clot properly can be caused by a low level or lack of clotting factor protein traveling to the site of injury to stop the bleed. This inability to clot causes uncontrollable bleeding which can be very painful for the individual and has potential long-term side effects.

During the month of March, communities from across the nation are joining together in recognition of individuals diagnosed with bleeding disorders. For the month of March, join BCDI in raising awareness of bleeding disorders, while also having some fun! BCDI is inviting each of YOU to a Red Tie Challenge. Your mission is to find creative ways to wear a red tie, or any other red outfits, then snap a pic and post it to social media with #BCDIRedTieChallenge.

Once you’ve posted your video or picture, be sure to tag your friends and challenge them to post their red ties and outfits! Sporting your festive red tie is more than just fun, it shows your support of BCDI bleeding disorder patients and their families. Most importantly, it helps start the conversation about how we can advocate for better research, treatments and opportunities for loved ones diagnosed with bleeding disorders. All month long, stay tuned to BCDI social media as they share ways for you to get involved and learn more about advocating for our patients!

BCDI supports the bleeding disorder community through education and awareness coupled with compassionate care and management of a life-long diagnosis. At BCDI, patients themselves are an integral part of their team of caregivers. This starts with proper education, not only regarding their specific diagnosis, but also in recognizing symptoms of bleeds, preventing injuries and general lifestyle choices like travel, physical activity and family planning.

From education to supportive services, the staff of BCDI is with the patient every step of the way. To support patients diagnosed with inherited or acquired bleeding disorders, BCDI board-certified physicians and providers are expertly trained and highly skilled in diagnosing and treating various bleeding disorders including hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

More than just treating the diagnosis, BCDI providers treat the physical and emotional needs of their patients, as well as their families. Through community events and patient advocacy group meetings, patients of BCDI have the opportunity to connect with others who have similar diagnosis. This type of relationship building helps families cope and learn about their loved one’s diagnosis.

During the month of March, BCDI is inviting each of YOU to a Red Tie Challenge. Find some creative ways to wear a red tie, or any other red outfits, snap a pic, and post it to social media with #BCDIRedTieChallege to show your support of BCDI patients and families. You can also contact Lindsey Hammond directly at 309-692-5337 to learn more about BCDI.