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Case Management—Is It for You?


By Beth Ingle, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor®, Director of Retirement and Planning, Living By Your Design, Inc.

Is it possible to save money on medical expenses and increase the quality of life? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Around 1990, progressive people in the medical community put together data that showed if people have help managing their care through the healthcare system, they will not only save money on medical expenses but also be healthier.

Fast forward to 2021…over the past years, this concept has been refined and expanded. Can you imagine having your own nurse with a specific background in your diagnosis? How would this change your health and care? Here are the players in the system and how it works:

First, case management is primarily available to high-risk patients. Examples are COPD, diabetes heart failure, and other conditions where education and informational assistance could prevent or delay the future progression of the disease. So, if a diabetic takes their medications properly, eats in a healthy manner, and lives a lifestyle respectful of this disease, they may be able to prevent or delay future complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, and more.

You may be asking how this is done. In today’s world, a home visit may be done but also may not be necessary. Video streaming can go a long way for communication. The good old-fashioned phone call is another tool used. Successful disease control has been shown to include medical care, diet, and environmental factors. A quality air purifier and not smoking may be a good option for COPD patients to remove allergens and germs from the air. A plan for exercise and diet may be suggested. It has been well aired the importance of diet and exercise. Removing clutter to reduce falls may also be suggested.

Medical staff: This could be a case manager from your doctor’s office or from a hospital where you recently had services. The medical staff will go over your medications, your compliance, and medical suggestions with the goal of reducing hospital admissions and continuity of care.

Insurance companies: They also have case managers. These case managers usually schedule phone times and talk about how you are doing medically, and ideas that may help you. Exercise, diet, and other related factors play into healthcare. The goal is to keep a person healthier thus saving them money.

Can you imagine having a nurse to call if “health things” did not seem exactly right? You may already have this assistance with your doctor’s office.

Private: Imagine having a nurse to help coordinate all medical care. These care managers work for you specifically to assist you in gathering information on your health, options, setting up services, and what you can do to help yourself. A private care manager, like other case managers, helps save you money on overall costs.

Concierge Service: Some doctors have now gone away from private practice into offering an elevated level of care, including medical assessment, care monitoring, and managing future health care services.

Private care management and an MD concierge service are private pay and not covered by insurance. If they can prevent future complications and health care, the increase in your quality of life may make this an excellent value. What if you have diabetes and save a leg, prevent a stroke, or a transplant due to the suggestions of a private nurse care manager or concierge service? Is it worth the investment in your health?

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