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Cancer Doesn’t Take a Break and You Shouldn’t Either—Cancer Screening Is Still Important


Did you postpone or cancel a screening for breast, lung, or colorectal cancer during 2020? Well, it is now 2021 and we would like to remind you to get your screenings up to date. Talk to your healthcare provider about scheduling a screening today, they can discuss factors such as your family history, risk factors and timing of your last screening.

Screenings look for cancer in people with no symptoms, but If you are experiencing any symptoms like a lump in the breast or blood in your stool contact your provider and share your concerns, they are there to help. Early detection of cancer can save your life and many cancers at early stages have no symptoms, that is why staying up to date on your screening is important for maintaining good health.

For someone reading this article that may not have a current health care provider or is concerned about insurance coverage for screening, there are several local agencies that can help with those questions.

One local agency is Heartland Health Services, a Federally Qualified Health Clinic providing access to high-quality, affordable, comprehensive primary health care for the community. Services are provided regardless of age, race, color, national origin, disability, or ability to pay. Their website is, and they can be reached by phone at (309)-680-7600.

The Tazewell County Health Department Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program provides free health screenings for women who qualify. Screenings may include gynecological exams, pap tests, and mammograms. IBCCP serves uninsured and underinsured women from ages 21-64 who reside in Marshall, Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties. Contact them at 309-929-0324 or at 866-925-5511 for information and scheduling.

The OSF Care-A-Van is a mobile health center staffed by members of OSF HealthCare and its Faith Community Nursing program. The OSF Care-A-Van can provide FIT Kits that can be used for at home testing for colorectal cancer. The local health departments also have FIT KITS for colorectal cancer screening and can provide information about other resources.

Available at OSF Healthcare, Unity Point Health, and Carle Hospital are low dose lung CT screenings for lung cancer. These are done at no charge for qualified individuals with a history of smoking.

This reminder is from the Partnership for a Healthy Community serving Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties. The Partnership is a community driven partnership of public and private partners working together to address priority health issues in the Tri-County region. Our vision for the Tri-County region is a thriving community that is inclusive, diverse, and sustainable to ensure health equity and the opportunity for well-being to all.

Your health is important, get your screenings up to date for yourself and those you love.