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A Winning Combination


Kim Brooks-Miller, owner of Healthy Cells Magazine® Greater Peoria Area Metro Edition and host, tapes a promotional spot for her weekly radio show, “Healthy You.”

By Lori Lovely

How many magazines have their own radio show? Healthy Cells Magazine®, a health publication for the greater Peoria metro area, is complemented by “Healthy You,” a weekly radio show hosted by Kim Brooks-Miller, owner of the magazine.

Listeners can tune in to the 30-minute pre-recorded show on Saturdays at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on WPEO-AM 1020 and 97.7 FM, respectively, to hear local healthcare professionals discuss physical and emotional health issues and nutrition. 

In addition to hosting people featured in the current month’s magazine, Brooks-Miller also invites local experts from sundry fields to talk about hot topics such as gaming addiction, PTSD, and palliative care. “My goal is to provide solid, up-to-date health information in a comfortable setting,” she says. “We feature people from the magazine, and tie in information from the articles.”

This bubbly, always-positive radio host also presents any relevant health concerns she believes her listeners need to know about. “We hit topics other shows won’t,” she declares, explaining that while the show reflects the magazine’s content, its direction is also based on feedback and community interest. “It’s amazing what generates interest.”

Feedback on one topic that surprised her was initiated in her magazine commentary (July 2015), when she mentioned the passing of her dog, Cookie. Flooded with commiserative messages, phone calls, cards, and emails, she realized there was a need in the community for help in dealing with the loss of pets, so she invited a pet grief counselor on the radio show, and to advertise and write articles for the magazine.

Benefits for Everyone

The goal of the radio show, like the magazine, is to educate and serve as a go-to resource by introducing the public to health care professionals, and providing their contact information. “We want to reach consumers and report accurate information to the public from our professionals,” Brooks-Miller says. “We have a lot of great local experts in the magazine.”

When she was approached by a Christian radio station in 2013 to consider hosting a radio show, Brooks-Miller recognized the opportunity to educate the public, and add value for her clients. “I knew we could reach more people with information, and help our clients tell their stories,” she confirms. Since that year, she’s been on the air every week in 28 counties, reaching a 50-mile radius around Peoria.

“Our clients are wonderful,” she enthusiastically pronounced. “They have fun, and want to come back.” They enjoy themselves because of her conversational style, positivity, and support. “I like to make the guests comfortable, put them at ease — like they’re joining me for a cup of coffee. There are no trick questions.”

Instead, she combines compassion, a sense of humor, and a lot of hard work to create a lively format that engages listeners, while informing them about important medical matters. She occasionally includes guests who have experienced a particular problem or method of treatment so listeners can gain an additional perspective.

“People learn in different ways,” she observes. Not only do some prefer listening to reading, but some absorb information better with repetition, which is why the radio show is such an appropriate complement to the magazine. In addition to reinforcing the magazine’s message, the radio show targets an audience that may not see the message in print. “You reach a different demographic through radio,” she summarizes, “plus, how often does someone get to come on air to further discuss his or her article in detail?” This is a respectable ‘double whammy’ of exposure for my clients. It is terrific to be able to offer this opportunity.”

Print is very alive and well with the Healthy Cells demographic, she emphasizes. Having the radio show and the magazine is a great combination to those who still love print. Overall, it is a very unique way to reach the public. The magazine is available in more than 800 locations in the greater Peoria metro area, and can also be read online at the website, but the radio show is an alternative venue enabling her to educate the public, and strengthen business relationships. The website also supports the radio show by making past podcasts available. In addition, she maintains an active Facebook page. “They’re all intertwined, which greatly helps the public, and strategically boosts our clients’ visibility.”

Lifetime of Service
Both outlets have become popular in Peoria, and Brooks-Miller, with her trademark blonde hair and bright smile, is often recognized in the community. “The most common comment I get is, ‘I love the magazine/radio show, but I thought you would be taller,’” laughs the diminutive woman, who is a former corporate recruiter.

Celebrity aside, Brooks-Miller has a mission. People want to know about health, she believes. “People want to take charge of their health. It’s a hot topic. That’s why our main purpose is to educate the public.”

Another objective is to give people hope. Knowing there are others out there struggling with the same issues, and that there is help available, boosts morale. As a follower of Christ, she says, “I want people to know there is hope. Hope in Jesus.”

Brooks-Miller, who has a long history of community involvement, says, “It’s all about how you treat others.” Recognized in 2014 as one of the “25 Women in Leadership of Central Illinois,” and one of the former “40 under 40” business leaders, she says, “We’re all on this earth to help others. God has blessed me with the publication, and the radio show. Without Him, none of this would be possible. I am truly grateful and appreciative of that.”

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