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What Is Palliative Care?

By Beth Cooper Ingle, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor   The phone rings and your heart speeds up at the news: Your mom has just been diagnosed with a chronic and painful disease. You know that there are many decisions to be made and that your mom and family will need information and support. This is […]

The Importance of Hearing

Submitted by Peoria Ear, Nose & Throat Group     Hearing is essential for maintaining relationships and connections, fully participating in community activities, and experiencing life events to the fullest. Your quality of life is directly impacted by the ability to engage, listen, laugh, and enjoy those moments. Celebrate your ears and all they can […]

Take Advantage of Pomegranate Season

As the busyness of the holiday season kicks into high gear, it’s also the peak of the season for pomegranates. Pomegranates are the perfect way to dress up any dish for the holiday season. This big, red fruit is full of crunchy juicy-filled seeds, called arils, that make any dish special with their jewel-like appearance. […]

Built on Trust, Driven to Help

By Alexander Germanis   As the winter winds begin to cut to the bone and the darkness of night settles around us all too quickly, people’s thoughts often become occupied with how they can warm the lives of others—how they might bring a little light into someone else’s world. Minds turn to the many people […]

The Gut, Decision-Making, and Emotions

By Luke Dalfiume, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Co-Owner, John R. Day & Associates, Christian Psychological Associates   Some speak about trusting their gut for decision-making. This suggests making a decision in a reflexive manner, choosing what “feels” right rather than making decisions in a considered, deliberative way. Researchers have found people are happier making decisions […]

Thankful not ThankFULL

Submitted by the Peoria City/County Health Department   Fall and winter are a time for cozying up and celebrating with friends and family. While there are a variety of holidays around this time of year there is one thing they all have in common. FOOD! So let’s dig in to learn how we can remain […]

Teaching Your Teen About Fraudulent Charges

Submitted by CEFCU   So, your teenager or young adult has set up their own bank account, has access to a debit or credit card for purchases, keeps track of their checking account balance, and sets money aside to put into their savings account for emergencies—they seem to be on track to be financially responsible! […]

Know the Dangers of Vascular Disease

By Alexander Germanis   One of the worst things in life is suspecting something might be wrong, but not knowing if something is wrong. Not knowing fosters anxiety and stress, which can make any existing problem even worse. When it comes to one’s health, such as with arterial and venous problems, not knowing what’s wrong […]

OCTOBER: National Audiology Month

Submitted by Peoria Ear, Nose, & Throat Group   October is National Audiology Month, spreading awareness about the services audiologists provide and how they may be able to help you. Audiologists use technology, creative problem-solving, and social skills to help those with hearing disorders better communicate and connect with the world around them. Approximately 15% […]

Debit Cards and Young Adults

Submitted by CEFCU   So, your teenager or young adult recently got a job and is looking to apply for a debit card. Debit cards are a tool for young adults wanting to learn more about money management. Generally, debit cards are directly linked to a checking account, which means that they can be used […]