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By Alexander Germanis Most people are old enough to remember a time in America where main streets in towns and small cities were lined with stores and other businesses owned and operated by the citizens of those communities. Due to mass market retailers, online juggernauts, and increased globalization, those main streets have become miniature ghost […]

Cancer: What Millennials & Gen-Xers Need to Know

By Amy Talcott There’s probably no other six-letter word that strikes more fear and uncertainty in someone than the word “cancer.” Unfortunately, that word is being heard more frequently by individuals under 50—more specifically, those in their 30s and 40s. For 38-year-old Kelsey, an afternoon playing with her children resulted in a diagnosis of breast […]

Always There for Family

By Alexander Germanis We Americans can become quite attached to our professions. After years, they become a part of our identities, a part of who we are. So ingrained into our lives are our jobs that one of the first things we tend to ask one another when first getting acquainted is: “What do you […]

Senior Living With a Small-Town Feel

By Amy Talcott Walking through the doors of Carriage Crossing Senior Living is like walking into a small, friendly town. As you enter the bright and cheery lobby, you’re likely to be greeted by Jack Fillipponi, one of the residents and unofficial “greeter” who enjoys making everyone feel welcome. Look straight ahead and you’ll notice […]

The Fountain of Youth Under One Roof

By Amy Talcott As we get older, it’s not uncommon for us to scrutinize ourselves a little more in the mirror. We start to notice the telltale signs of aging: a wrinkle here, some sagging skin there, maybe a few age spots sprinkled in for good measure. And while aging is a fact of life […]

Preserving the Future… Together

By Alexander Germanis Adulthood brings with it a large number of responsibilities. With parenthood, that number of responsibilities can seem to increase exponentially. In fact, it is common for parents to say all of one’s priorities change when one has children. At the top of the list of priorities is the need and desire to […]

3T MRI—An Upgrade Worth Talking About

By Melissa Larson Ft. Jesse Imaging & Gale Keeran Center for Women is completely focused on providing the very best imaging options for the Bloomington/Normal and greater Central Illinois area. In December, our office will be elevating imaging once again with the addition of a 3T Wide Bore MRI suite. This new MRI machine, will […]

Don’t Wait for Care After a Stroke, B.E. F.A.S.T

By Curt Squires When it comes to a stroke, time is critical. The longer a stroke remains untreated, the more damage that is done. “Time is brain,” said Charles Rosen, MD, Ph.D., a neurosurgeon with OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute in Bloomington. “Unfortunately, what happens is people will say, ‘Oh, I don’t need to go. […]

Get Relief for Troubled Teeth

By Julie Workman It’s not easy to be a dentist. When you meet new people, and they ask you what you do, you say, “I’m a dentist,” and your new almost-friend says, “Oh. I HATE going to the dentist.” Sad. But dentists are underappreciated. They help us keep our pretty smiles; they keep our teeth […]