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ZYTO Technology: Customize Your Wellness Plan


By Karen DeVault, RN, BCHHP, CCWFN, Holistic Alternatives

you find that no matter what you do or how well you eat you seem to get
sick frequently or suffer from ailments related to fibromyalgia,
digestion, hormones, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, asthma, heart
disease, high cholesterol, or others? Or, perhaps you would like to take
nutritional supplements, but you’re not sure what you should take. If
you could ask your body what it needs, would you?

According to the
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a report in 2011 showed that
half the adults in the U.S. take vitamins and other dietary supplements.
Even though a supplement may work for someone else, how do you know
it’s best for you? Who knows what you need better than your own body? As
with medication, it can sometimes require a trial and error approach to
find the right product for your specific need at the present time
because there are a lot of products to choose from. With over 500
combined products made available through my preferred companies;
Standard Process, MediHerb and Young Living Essential Oils, it can be a
challenge at times to know exactly which product or products are best
for your particular circumstance.

There is a technology that can
determine your body’s preference for nutritional supplements and
essential oils. It’s called a ZYTO scan and it will scan your body’s
organs, glands & systems. In doing so, it will determine which areas
have the greatest stressors, then it will filter through a selected
list of products to determine what you show a preference for to balance
those stressors. Choosing well means your investment in supplements is
more likely to pay off, providing you the benefits you need and saving
money on things you don’t need.
Here’s a brief description of how it
works: ZYTO technology is a form of bio-communication that is based on
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) like a polygraph test, but the computer
will do the “asking,” not me. Computer-generated electrical impulses,
called Virtual Stimulus Items (or VSI), are sent to your body, and then
your body responds energetically back to the computer. ZYTO measures
complex GSR patterns and determines shifts in your energetic posture.
These shifts are either negative or positive. The software analyzes your
response and identifies your “biological preference”. Your biological
preference refers to the stimuli your body responds most favorably to.
The ZYTO software then records these responses and a report is

To simply know what products your body prefers for
“general wellness”, the ZYTO software can scan your body for the
products listed in a general wellness category. To address a particular
health concern, like those mentioned above, ZYTO can scan specific
categories for one or more concerns. Oftentimes selecting more than one
category is important because while you may exhibit symptoms in one
particular area the underlying issue may actually involve one or more
other areas. In this case, choosing products in more than one category
will allow your body to prioritize its preference based on the area with
the greatest stressors.

The ZYTO scan offers a number of customized
options, whether it’s nutrition, herbals, essential oils, or a
combination of each. With ZYTO, you get to choose your desired product
line and the health concern you want to address nutritionally.

ZYTO scan only takes minutes and it’s safe for infants, children, adults
of all ages, for people with pacemakers and pregnant women. All you
have to do is place your hand on the hand cradle to make contact with
the metal points. The computer and your body do the rest. Look us up on
Youtube for a short video on how ZYTO works.

As always, I encourage
you to do what you can to maintain your health by being proactive. What
better way than to feed your body the best nutrition on the planet, and
to incorporate man’s earliest known form of “medicine”, essential oils!
Remember the absence of symptoms does not mean there is an absence of
disease. It just means the body is still trying to compensate for the
stressors placed upon it. If the body is overwhelmed with stressors that
are not being dealt with, at some point these stressors become too
great and the body manifests disease with symptoms. If you already have
an illness, that’s all the more reason to consider adding a ZYTO scan to
your health plan, and then commit to give your body what it’s asking
for. Even if you are on medication, your body still needs nutrition.
Your health is the best gift you can give to yourself.

We all know
that what we think is very important to how we feel. If we continuously
think on negative or stressful things, we will feel negative and be
stressed. Positive affirmations may seem hokey to some, but our thoughts
and self-talk are extremely important and can directly affect our state
of mind and subsequent physical health. The mind-body connection is a
powerful one. Subconscious thought patterns can wear a “groove” in our
brains that keep us stuck, yet because we have trained our brains to
think a certain way, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the reason why
we react the way we do. Thoughts are energy too. Every action begins
with a thought! While you may not know what affirmations to say, you can
choose the category and the ZYTO software will scan your body for 185
affirmations and choose those that are specific for you.

The ZYTO Select model is a Class II FDA approved medical device, however it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

DeVault is the owner of Holistic Alternatives, LLC. She specializes in
Nutritional Therapy and Essential Oils. Her office is located in
Bettendorf. Phone 563-340-5999 to schedule an appointment.