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Why Hair Matters


By Nancy Vinger, Salon Integrity

How important is a consultation with your stylist?
Communication is imperative with your stylist, especially with major services including chemicals such as color as well as texturizing services. Your “hair history” is essential, so your goals are met, and your “bad history” isn’t repeated. Focus on how much time and financial resources you are willing to commit to your new look. An American Board certified hair colorist considers this the most important step of the process

What hairstyles are best for different face shapes?
There are four main shapes: oval, round, square, and heart. The ultimate goal is to create the illusion of the oval face shape, as this face shape is the easiest one to balance. Round shapes do well with side swooping bangs. Choppy layers work well to create elongation to the face. Square faces show great bone structure. Use styles that frame the face but only below the chin. Swooping bangs are great, too. Heart shapes have a delicate chin structure and wider cheekbones. Chin-length hairstyles work well at the jawline to add fullness around the chin area.

Why does my stylist think I should use the hair products he/she recommends?
In general, hair products that are sold in the professional salon are essentially made with quality ingredients. They are made to keep the hair in optimum condition. Depending on your hair type and history of chemical services used,  your stylist knows which will work best. They will also last much longer than the ones purchased over the counter as they are much more concentrated. It’s important to protect your hair color investment with the proper hair care regimen.

What is all the hype about “treating” the hair? I thought the hair was “dead?”
Hair is composed of protein and moisture. We subject our tresses to chemicals, sun, heat implements and, sometimes, just bad water. If we continue to do this and don’t replenish the protein and mositure, we will have unwanted color results as well as possible breakage of the hair. Only products that have protein, which are designed to go inside the hair, will replenish it. Most over-the-counter “treatments” will simply “coat” the hair and give you a look that makes you feel it is better. When chemicals, such as color or texturizing processes are used, the result is less than desirable. A new technology is now out in the industry that repairs broken bonds inside the hair. This treatment, along with a great protein treatment, has changed the industry. Ask your stylist about this or call an American Board certified hair colorist.

How does an American Board certified hair colorist differ from a hair colorist in the salon?
Certification of hair colorists has long been a vision of many professionals in the beauty industry. The goal is to establish a standard by which to judge a hair colorist and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in hair color. American Board certified hair colorists have passed a stringent exam given by a committee of their peers. You can feel confident putting yourself in their hands.

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