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Where Did the Summer Go?


By Marci Droll-Durian

Summer seems to be full of so many activities, and the weeks and months fly by! It seems like we were just honoring our loved ones who passed on Memorial Day Weekend just a short time ago, and now we enter into the end of the summer as we celebrate Labor Day Weekend, and many of us lucky folks get to have an extra day off! 

As I watch my flowers starting to look less lustrous, and Hobby Lobby is all things pumpkins and Christmas, (wait, did that start in July?), I realize that football season will be starting. By week three, I will probably be in my workout pants and sweatshirt to watch instead of my shorts and short sleeve T-shirt that I wore for the first game! Wow, how time flies!
I also think of so many of the folks that I work with on a daily basis who call upon LivWell Seniors to help them find resources and care for a loved one. The best scenario is to start preparing early to just have a plan. Often times, it is the alternative scenario when the situation is just emerging and the stress level is already so high for the caregiver and the person needing to make a change. Working under the pressure of that newness makes the situation very overwhelming, and one may question if they are making a rash decision.

Make time to plan now. Pay attention to your loved one who is aging, their living situation may benefit from an overview of their needs. Would they and you just benefit from some help with transportation to doctor appointments?

It would be beneficial to ensure that affairs are in order and that you are educated about available resources before you need them.

After sitting down with our senior resource specialists, you may find that there are more ways to pay for a senior living community than you thought. Moving into a community where nutritious meals, socialization, outings, and a little help with things such as med management andcleaning can improve your loved one’s quality of life and allow them to thrive! Let us help you get informed while you still have time to makedecisions!  

LivWell Seniors serves as a local agency providing community-based resources that are 100-percent free to seniors and their families. They are funded by the senior care providers that utilize their service and network of connections. For further information, contact us at 563-265-1577, or visit our website at www.livwellseniors.com.

“The gift of friendship… a willingness to listen, a pair of helping hands, a whisper from the heart.  That someone cares and understands.”