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When Safety at Home Isn’t Safe


Submitted by Carriage Crossing of Bloomington


When is the right time to consider transitioning to assisted living for yourself or a loved one?

There is not usually a simple, easy answer to this question. People may seek out the services and amenities of a senior living community because they find it difficult to prepare meals at home; or they have a hard time remembering to take their medications; or perhaps the prospect of social engagement and activities is most appealing. While there are certainly many benefits to an assisted living facility, one consideration that is often overlooked is the physical safety of the person’s current living situation.

Here are some safety issues to evaluate.

  • Risk of criminal activity or becoming a victim of a crime
  • Risk of wandering/getting lost
  • Ability to drive safely
  • Ability to take medications correctly
  • Risk of falls
  • Ability to obtain groceries and prepare meals
  • Presence of guns or other weapons in the home, and cognitive ability to manage them
  • Medical conditions that require oversight


The risk of being vulnerable to criminals or vandals is important. For example, one resident had lived in her home for over 40 years. She loved her neighborhood and home where she and her husband had raised three children. Her husband passed away a few years before, but she managed to stay in her home despite having mild memory loss. Her daughter stopped by for a visit one Sunday afternoon and noticed her mother’s car was missing. Her daughter soon learned that some high school students from a nearby high school had been stopping by to visit her mother, and her mother often invited them in for soda and cookies. Earlier that week one of the students had “borrowed” her car. Suddenly the daughter was acutely aware of how vulnerable her mother had become.

It’s not uncommon to experience people who go door-to-door in neighborhoods explaining that they are “working in the area” and noticed the roof needs repair; asking for donations; selling a product; taking a survey, or some other reason. While these may all be reputable and honest people, opening the door to someone that you don’t know leaves an older person very vulnerable to a potential break-in.

In some cases, technology can offer some peace of mind when older adults are still living at home. There are Ring Doorbells, a video monitoring doorbell with a paid recording feature. Family members can also set up notifications on their own cell phones and be alerted when there is a visitor at the door. They can also “answer” the doorbell through the speaker function of the app. Motion detection lights at the front and back doors are important as they can alarm unwanted visitors, causing them to flee. In some cases, security systems can also be helpful in deterring intruders.

If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or a loved one, it may be time to consider transitioning to an assisted living community. In addition to safety, there may be other needs that can be better met in an assisted living community. Senior living professionals can help assess the situation and be a great resource in considering all the options.


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