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What Would Be a Good Christmas Gift for a Hearing Impaired Individual?


By Margaret Christiansen, AuD, Audiology Consultants

What a unique gift idea! There are many different gift ideas in this category ranging from hearing aid necessities to accessories that help a hearing aid user connect with the world around them.

Hearing aid users buy lots of batteries over the course of a year. Depending on what size battery a hearing aid takes, batteries need to be replaced every 1-3 weeks. Luckily these batteries have a long shelf life so they are OK to buy in advance.

Dry and Store
Hearing aids are subject to break down from everyday moisture that can work its way into the aids. An electric drying box such as the Global Dry and Store is a great solution to this common problem. Daily use of a device like this can drastically reduce hearing aid repairs and problems. These devices also kill bacteria on hearing aids, which leads to a healthier ear!

Bluetooth Accessories
Most new hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. This means many hearing aids can wirelessly connect to cell phones, TVs, landline phones, and remote microphones. As long as the hearing aid is equipped with this technology, the accessories that make these connections possible are something that can be added to a hearing aid at any point.

Amplified Telephone
Even with hearing aids, talking on the telephone can still be problematic for an individual with hearing impairment. A good amplified telephone can help make these conversations easier. Amplified phone ringers can also be helpful to make sure the hearing impaired individual hears the phone ring even if they are in a different room or have their hearing aids out.
Alerting Devices

This may not be the most glamorous gift on the list but it certainly is practical! A hearing impaired individual may have difficulty hearing alerting signals such as a doorbell, alarm clock, or smoke alarm, especially if they are sleeping and/or have their hearing aids out. Devices are available that can alert an individual through modes such as flashing lights or bed shakers to make sure the individual is aware of important things going on around them.

Hopefully these ideas can make your holiday shopping just a little easier!

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