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What to Look for When Looking


Most of the people that come through the doors of Silvercrest Garner looking for information on Retirement Living have never been through this process before. Something we hear all the time is, “This is such an overwhelming process; how do you make the right decision?”

I can tell you after working with hundreds of families, there is no right answer. You have to find the community that fits your needs and wants. What I can give you is some advice on what to look for when you are looking at Retirement Communities. 

Below are my top four things to look for when looking:

The Apartment 
Your apartment is your home, and you want to make sure that the size is just right. What do you plan to bring with you, how much can you afford, and what is going to make you the most comfortable? When you are looking at available apartments, remember to check out the closets, the cabinet space, and look in the corners to see how well-cleaned the apartments are.

The Staff 
Each and every day, you or your loved one will have interaction with the staff at the community. When you tour, pay attention; do they smile and greet you while you walk by? Be nosey — look to see how they are interacting with the residents while they think no one is looking. Pay attention to how the staff is dressed, look to see if they are dressed appropriately for their job, and if they act and look professional.

The Food
This is such an important part of our communities. Before you or your loved one move in, make sure to join the community for a meal. Don’t be afraid to show up unannounced, and ask to join them for lunch.  Ask what meals are included, when meals are served, and request a menu. 

The Services
Every community offers a number of different services. Find out which services are important to you and will make you happy; use this to help you make a decision. Ask what kind of activities are popular, what transportation services are offered, and what clubs are available to join. Make sure that you are moving into a community that offers services you will use and enjoy every day.

We hope that Silvercrest Garner will be that perfect place for you. For more information or to set up a tour, contact 563-386-9196 or visit
www.GarnerFarms.com. Located at 1575 West 53rd Street, Davenport, IA.

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