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What Should I Look for When Purchasing New Hearing Aids?


By Laura Schroeder, AuD


The idea of purchasing hearing aids can seem daunting, especially for first-time users. There are so many options available! How do you know which hearing aids are best for you? Listed below are some things to consider:


  • Your hearing loss
    —Hearing aids are programmable and can be adjusted for most hearing losses. However, some hearing aids may suit your hearing loss better than others. People with more severe hearing losses may benefit from accessories that are designed to work with the hearing aids.

  • Your preferences
    —Do you want your hearing aids to be as discreet as possible or is it okay if they show a little? Some people don’t mind hearing aids behind their ears, while others prefer to have nothing behind their ears. Do you want your hearing aids to be able to pair to your cell phone via Bluetooth, or is that a feature you could live without?

  • Your comfort level when dealing with small pieces
    —If batteries might be difficult to pick up, you could consider rechargeable hearing aids. Some hearing aids have parts that should be replaced as part of their regular maintenance while others don’t. One type of hearing aid may be easier to hold and insert than others.

  • Your lifestyle
    —Some hearing aids are designed for people who lead a quiet lifestyle while others are designed for folks who are busy, social, and around different kinds of background noise.

  • Your budget
    —Prices for hearing aids and the associated services can vary dramatically. There are options for just about any budget, and some insurances even have hearing aid benefits. In addition, there are programs available that can help people who qualify to purchase hearing aids.

  • Your continued care
    —The price of hearing aids is generally bundled, which means that in addition to the hearing aids, the price also includes a trial period, warranty, and a service package for follow up appointments. The length of these can vary by clinic, so be sure to ask about them.

  • Your expectations for your performance with the hearing aids
    —Be sure that the hearing aids you purchase are capable of meeting your expectations. In some cases, you may need to adjust your expectations to align with what the hearing aids are realistically capable of doing.


There are dozens upon dozens of hearing aid options out there these days! Your hearing healthcare provider can help you sort through all the options to pick the hearing aids that will work the best for you!


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