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What Is the Difference Between the Pricing of Hearing Aids? Why Is One More Expensive Than Another?


By Margaret Christiansen, Au.D.

Hearing aids are available at a wide range of costs. There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of the hearing aid. The biggest factors that influence cost are the technology that is inside of the hearing aid, the options the hearing aid offers, and the services provided by your audiologist to make sure the hearing aids work well for you throughout their lifetime.

Every person is unique, therefore their listening demands are also going to be unique. Hearing aids are available at different technology levels to allow your hearing aid purchase to be customized to what is best for you. Not all hearing aids are created equal. Features inside of hearing aids vary greatly and affect aspects of hearing, such as the amount of adjustment your audiologist can make to how your hearing aids sound, the ability for your hearing aids to automatically adjust to your changing environments and handle background noise, and the ability for the hearing aids to reduce feedback.

A multitude of options are available in hearing aids, but certainly what appeals to one person may not be important for another. Some hearing aids are rechargeable instead of taking batteries; other hearing aids have the capability to directly connect to cellphones or televisions. Specialized features in hearing aids may affect the cost of hearing aids. Your audiologist will review options with you and help find hearing aids that are a good fit for your needs.

The services that are included in the cost of your hearing aids also greatly affect price. Many hearing aids are priced to include not only the hearing aid, but also the fitting and follow-up services that are integral to a successful hearing aid experience. Often, warranties and hearing aid supplies are also included for a set amount of time.

Many factors influence the cost of a hearing aid. While the cost of a hearing aid is important, it is equally important to evaluate what you are getting for the cost of your hearing aid and make sure you have hearing aids that will work well for you.

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