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What Is a Health & Wellness Coach?


By Anke Fronz

Tonya, was out having coffee with a friend. She told her friend that she was tired of all the anxiety and discomfort and said, “All this has prevented me from enjoying the activities that I love to do.” Her friend knew Tonya had seen a variety of doctors and chiropractors, and was frustrated with the lack of progress. So, she asked Tonya, “Have you ever tried talking with a health and wellness coach? I started seeing one last year and the changes have been more than I could have imagined.” Today, Tonya is feeling more confident, has increased her activities, upgraded her diet, and learned how to manage her anxiety.

A 2014 Mayo Clinic study showed after 12 weeks, people experienced improvements in overall quality of life from working with a health and wellness coach. Studies have revealed that a majority of people do not have a daily healthy behavior that prevents disease and have shown that using health and wellness coaching services can help clients become an advocate in their own health and healing processes and to develop healthy behaviors to prevent disease. There are over 120,000 health and wellness coaches in the United States, with continued numbers due to the benefits and support they can bring to hospitals, clinics, and the private sectors.

What is a health and wellness coach and how can such coaching help you? A health and wellness coach is one who walks beside you to enhance your wellbeing with self-directed care and is your personal coach who assists you in implementing healthy lifestyle changes as she/he honors, celebrates, and supports you during journey. Your coach can help you prevent disease, manage chronic long term diseases, support lifestyle changes, and foster overall wellness. A Health and Wellness Coach can assist you with meeting your long and short term goals, from brainstorming new possibilities with you to helping you break old habits, from helping you set measurable and achievable goals to increasing your overall confidence.

One of the many benefits of using a health and wellness coach, is that the coaching is personalized; coaching is designed for you, the individual. Coaching is affordable and the many benefits you receive, are well worth it. Always, if it is beyond the scope of coaching and/or the client needs professional assistance, certified health and wellness coaches refer their clients elsewhere for the help they need.

I am Anke Fronz, owner of Anke’s Mindful Therapies, and I am here to help you on your health and wellness journey and to help you live your life to the fullest. If you are ready to speak to me about coaching and to learn more, please contact me at afronz@me.com