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What if My Physician Says I Don’t Need a Hearing Aid?


By Laura Mergen, Au.D., CCC-A, Audiology Consultants

Your primary care provider uses a wealth of knowledge and ample experience to take care of your health and wellness. However, as much as your provider knows about the human body and how to care for it, on some occasions, they will refer you to a specialist who is an expert in a specific field of care. For example, perhaps you see a cardiologist for your heart, or a pulmonologist for your lungs or breathing, or podiatrist for your feet. Each of these specialists is an expert in their particular field.

Likewise, your audiologist is an expert in the field of hearing and balance, and that includes hearing aids. While your primary care provider is knowledgeable about hearing and hearing tests, their knowledge of current hearing aid technology may understandably be limited or outdated. Your audiologist is a specialist who stays up-to-date on current technology and treatment options in the field of hearing.
Whether or not you’re a hearing aid candidate goes beyond just your hearing test results. If you feel you’re having more difficulty than you should hearing conversations, visit your audiologist to see what could be done to help!

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