Quad Cities, IL/IA

Working with the community... for a healthier community.

What an Amazing Place!


Being new to Ridgecrest Village myself, I would like to share
the experience I recently had with this special retirement community.
While driving up to the main building I viewed a wonderful park-like
setting with 22 acres of beautiful landscaping. Ridgecrest was having
their Memorial Day Celebration at the time.  On the right side of the
driveway was a white gazebo, decorated with red white and blue banners
to honor our service men and women.  The drive was lined with Patriot
Guard Riders proudly holding their American Flags.  Many people were
sitting at tables and chairs watching a program for families of veterans
and waving their flags in the air. 

Continuing forward, I came
to a circle drive where they were raising a large American flag and many
people were circling it and singing “God Bless America”.   I was in awe
of the whole thing, and not really paying much attention to what was
actually happening, when an unexpected loud noise surprised me.  A
Ridgecrest resident shot off his homemade cannons in honor of our
Military.  Everyone there was showing so much pride in our country and

After this all sunk in, I finally made it to the front
of Ridgecrest where I was greeted by a friendly senior named Jerry, who
wanted to know if I needed any help.  (I was really thinking, “Do I
need help?  Shouldn’t this be the other way around?”)  We had a very
pleasant casual conversation while he escorted me to the receptionist. 
He let me know that, as a veteran, this celebration has been wonderful. 
Then he also mentioned how much fun he has had with the many activities
Ridgecrest provides.  He shared stories about his Honor Flight
experience.  He told me if I wanted anymore information I should speak
to another gentleman, named Art Peterson.  (Come to find out, it was yet
another resident that lives at Ridgecrest.)  Then Jerry said that he
and his wife moved into Ridgecrest over two years ago, and they believe
this was the best move they have ever made.

When I actually had a
chance to talk with Art he told me, “Ridgecrest Village is simply the
best retirement home in the area, because we have a fantastic extended
Christian Family, the food is great and we have a wonderful caring staff
at all levels of care.”   He truly seems completely happy where he

When I made it to the receptionist, she contacted the
person I was supposed to meet for a tour and interview.  I was amazed at
the spacious community; it is very open and inviting.  The dining area
was large and looked very elegant.  There were so many different designs
of rooms, I couldn’t describe them all.  I can only say “You have to
see them for yourself” to understand the variety of an amazing array of
rooms Ridgecrest has to offer.  They have everything from a studio up to
an apartment that is 1700 square feet.  They have cottages so complete
they are like living in my own home.  The main thing I noticed was it
wasn’t just a senior housing facility, but it is more like a community
of families that live at Ridgecrest.  Everyone that visitors meet,
whether staff or resident, is friendly and warm.  They would just walk
up and introduce themselves to us as we walked the community.

met a nice lady named Nola, who told me that she has lived at Ridgecrest
for 10 years and that she had fallen and broke her shoulder a few years
back.  She said it was such a relief to have the continual care
service.   She had a good experience made out of a bad one.  It shows
her that she is in the most wonderful place she could ever live.  She
now has a peace of mind knowing her future is secure.

Jo has
worked for Ridgecrest almost five years now, and she stated “Seeing the
residents smiling faces makes me proud of the job that I do.”

The exercise room is designed to strengthen muscles for better
balance.  People train new residents on how to use the equipment for
their personal needs.  The provided computer lab has yet another
instructor to teach residents how to use email, internet, and even Skype
to properly keep in touch with family and friends.  The two Dakim Brain
Fitness machines help strengthen memories.  The volunteers run the
general store and it sells everything from one egg, to batteries, to
greeting cards, and even Dairy Queen Dilly Bars.  Ridgecrest also has
two beauty shops, postal services, banking services, pharmacy, therapy,
and a physician clinic.  They have a gift shop/café and so much more. 
Everything you could possibly need is found on campus, yet they still do
many outings with their two buses, two cars, and two vans for all their
transportation needs.

Ridgecrest has been a local non-profit
organization in the Quad Cities for over 46 years. They continue year
after year, fulfilling all the needs of area seniors. There are
currently over 230 volunteers that run the Resale Shop, Arcade Café, and
General Store.  Half of these volunteers live at Ridgecrest and the
others live locally in our community.  These volunteers also give
companionship to residents.  They escort them to doctor’s appointments
when family is not available, and sit and visit just to comfort them in a
time of need. 

Ridgecrest has a beautiful Chapel with a
full-time Chaplin to handle all their spiritual needs. There are Nurses
and Certified Nursing Assistants on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a
week.   The village has an emergency response system that ensures
security in case of need. Activities include a woodworking shop, pool
tables, shuffle board, ping pong, Wii sports tournaments, several card
games, crafts, and many more scheduled programs that keep residents
involved so they often feel younger and more energetic.

stated on their Facebook page and website: Ridgecrest Village is “For
active seniors, who cherish their freedom, or capable seniors who
require some support, and seniors with compelling medical needs”.  In
short they have “continuum of care” services including Independent
Living, Assisted Living, and a Nursing Health Center that can manage our
senior’s needs.

In closing, as you might have already guessed, I
definitely took the job!  I have been working here now for a few months
and continue to enjoy the family community that the staff and residents
show each other every day.  When I go home for the night I remind my
husband that one day we will be living at Ridgecrest Village, because
this is the life style I would want for myself.  Discovering the
lifestyle experience of this remarkable community has been a blessing. 
I’ll continue to treasure my new relationships here for a long time!

A senior must be 62 years of age to live at Ridgecrest.  I have
three different very affordable options to secure your home at
Ridgecrest.  I would love to talk to you about the benefits and cost
options.  I would like to invite you to call and set up a tour to see
this amazing community for yourself.  You can do a lunch tour, so you
are able to try our large buffet that is prepared by our personal Chef
Craig.  There is a nice selection of foods, so they are sure to please
everyone.  My direct line is 563-388-3215 or you can reach Bob at