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West Coast Style of Coffee Drive-Thru Makes a Splash (or Drip) in the Heart of the Quad Cities


Brothers Peter and Steven Schillaci from Portland, Oregon have created the hottest new coffee stand in Davenport, Iowa which opened earlier this year (February 2016). They have something for everyone: espresso-based specialty drinks, classic drinks, drip coffee, teas, infused energy drinks, and much, much more. Just about everything can be hot, iced, or blended (with ice).

The most popular drink so far is the Nutty Professor, which tastes just like a candy bar. It’s excellent on ice or blended, even on the coldest of days!

Atomic Coffee Bar can be found at 4707 N. Brady Street (47th and Brady) on the south end of the Walnut Center’s parking lot. The coffee stand is drive-thru only with service windows on both sides to serve two cars at once.

Speed, quality, and service are what set Atomic Coffee Bar apart from all the rest. Every square inch of the 300 sq. ft. coffee bar was designed for maximum efficiency; literally shaving seconds off every step in the preparation of your order. The Italian-made La Marzocco espresso machine is best in its class for consistent high output, high-quality espresso shots. The coffee bar has a layout that places everything else at the barista’s fingertips for making drinks.

Water is the main ingredient in coffee, so Atomic Coffee Bar went with a custom full-reverse osmosis system to ensure the best brew possible. This particular water purification system literally strips out all trace elements (lime, calcium, lead, chlorine, etc.) from the city’s water, thanks to Kinetico of the Quad Cities.

Atomic Coffee Bar gets all its beans and teas from Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters out of Chicago, IL. Intelligentsia is a specialty roaster that can deliver yesterday’s roast to our back door today… that’s how fresh the coffee is. They also supply a line of high-quality teas under the Kilogram Tea label, which Atomic also offers on the menu.

Friendly, outgoing, positive vibes are what you can expect from the owners and the baristas. Co-owner Steven Schillaci is a snowboarder dude who has several years’ experience working drive-thru coffee and always had the dream to one day run his own business. Older brother Peter Schillaci is a business graduate from Oregon State University who moved to the Quad Cities in 2010 when his wife, Jessica, took a professor position at St. Ambrose University. Together, Steven and Peter conceived Atomic Coffee Bar by combining their similar passions into something they could share with other people one cup at a time.

Atomic Coffee Bar is open Monday through Friday from 5am to 8pm and 6am to 8pm on the weekends.

Check them out online at www.facebook.com/atomiccoffeebar or at their website, www.atomiccoffeebar.com.