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By Lynette Pritchard

There are many nutritional products on the market, and it can be a confusing process to make a decision. Luckily, in Bettendorf, Iowa, we have VIM Today, LLC. VIM stands for vitality, integrity, and motivation, and that is the philosophy of local owners and creators Lynette and Les Pritchard.

Lynette has been in the wellness industry for over 25 years. She has a colon hydrotherapy private practice in Davenport, Iowa, owned multi-practitioner wellness centers, owned an organic health food market and café/juice/smoothie bar, teaches raw plant-based culinary classes, and is the developer of the vibrant cleansing lifestyle system, Wellionaire Living and Pickle Fit. During this time, she has collaborated with both holistic and complementary care providers and knows that there are many ways to heal the body. The one constant, however, is nutrition.

Everyone knows healthy eating is important. Every disease state requires a shift in dietary choices, but often, beginning is the struggle for most people starting a healthy eating program. Lynette has personal experience with this struggle. “Many years ago I lost my health. I was in pain, tired, my mind was foggy. I suffered from an autoimmune disease, digestive and neurological problems, and felt terrible. I tried many different therapies, medications, and procedures, but my health continued to steadily decline. After two and a half years of trying to figure out what was going on, I was blessed to discover how important nutrition was in the process of recuperation. I never turned back.”

“Over the years, I saw countless men, women, and children take simple steps to healthy eating and their struggles were all the same. They didn’t know where to begin or how to make it easy. Everyone is busy, and our busy lifestyles tend to take us farther away from whole-food healing nutrition to carry us into adulthood and to raise a healthy family. The consequences are chronic, degenerative disease. The human body needs an abundant supply of plants in the diet to make a difference. We can still enjoy our food, but if we are not incorporating a steady stream of plants, our bodies won’t have the tools it needs to clean the inside and build strength and vitality.”

Lynette sold her clinic to raise a child and get more education on healing nutrition and internal cleansing. “The human body is so amazing, it wants to be healthy, and it just needs the tools to help it do its job. One of my greatest lessons was when I bought a health food store that I wanted to add a clinic and café, too. I took half of the current inventory and put it in the clearance section because it was inferior product that I would never take or give to my son, and I searched for the best products in the country. I found that most of the products available are synthetic and the others are packed with fillers and little nutrition. I also found that most people wanted an herbal supplement instead of the produce section because they didn’t know how to eat enough greens to make a difference in their health. I understood this mentality because I was in their shoes once. I remembered the cabinets full of supplements that I could not choke down or never worked. I began to offer two weeks of prepaid breakfast smoothies at my cafe. I just knew that if I could help them with an easy, simple shift at breakfast, they would start to feel better and make better choices the rest of the day. It worked. They had a tasty breakfast, it was easy, and they felt alert, had more energy, and felt good enough to make more shifts in their lifestyle for abundant health!”

Lynette began to develop whole-food nutritional products for another company and her own clients: VimTRITION. That’s how it all started. A move back to Bettendorf, Les’ home town, to assist with the care of his father, opened some doors. They were in the process of starting another clinic/market/ café in Bettendorf, but it became clear that they could help more people through the Internet while still helping people locally. They created a full line of VimTRITON, “Nutrition for the Modern Condition.”

VIM SuperFood
The number-one best seller, VIM Superfood is a complete pea protein with 50 plants, probiotics, and enzymes. Just add it to a smoothie or beverage for a complete meal any time of the day, but it’s especially a great breakfast option or pre/post-workout drink. It is all-organic, gluten, dairy, and soy free. “None of our products have fillers, additives, flavors, or chemicals. We also have a liquid vitamin D-3, an exceptional omega fish oil which is pure and heavy-metal free, burp free, and sourced from clean Nordic waters. The efficacy of fish oil is absolutely dependent on the quality.

The Royal Flush
Another area that is not often discussed is bowel cleansing. Many people are on medications that cause constipation. Many others have a sedentary lifestyle. “We live in a technological age that lends itself to sitting. We sit at the computer, TV, car, and restaurant and typically don’t drink enough water. This tends to lessen bowel movements and a toxic internal system is not the perfect environment for healthy living. If we eat three or more times a day and go to the bathroom once a day or every other day, that’s a problem. The body and mind work better when they are clean on the inside. As a colon hydrotherapist, it was clear that people are struggling in this area. I designed a gentle, but effective, non-habit-forming product to assist with constipation that is offered in medical and holistic clinics all over the country and here locally. It’s called the Royal Flush and it is our second-best seller.”

VIGOR Super Drink
Antioxidants are another category of nutritional needs we are deficient in. Plants have all the phytochemicals that our bodies need and nature produces them in many colors and parts of the plants. The VIGOR Super Drink is sourced from handpicked ingredients from the most pristine lands in the country. In Alaska, these lands have never been touched by commercial agriculture, chemicals, or run-off. We are using all parts of these plants for their medicinal properties, and it tastes great!

“My goal with VIM is to create products that work, are pure, pleasant to consume, and reasonably priced. This is the reality: we all love to eat, we have little time, and it’s too easy to get food that isn’t good for us. The food that is good for us is typically from nutrient-deficient soil and we must supplement to get additional nutrients. Our bodies are starving for it. The typical American might only get their daily plants from the lettuce on a burger.”

That is why VIM was created, to make a difference, and they are doing just that. In only two and a half years, VIM Today has grown from Bettendorf, Iowa to 49 US States; only Hawaii hasn’t discovered this small-town secret.

VIM Today also offers the Skintrition Organics skin care line. They believe we should try to avoid chemicals inside and outside of the body and the Skintrition line is professional-grade skincare without any synthetic chemicals. Three options are available and are beneficial for acne, rosacea, other skin issues, and anti-aging.

As they continue to do more extensive research, they will be developing more whole food-based nutrition for the modern American condition. VIM Today is pure nutrition for the modern condition!

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