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True Experience: Treating Spinal Disc Problems


By Alexander Germanis


When someone is described as “the backbone of the operation,” it is meant as a compliment of the highest order. Without the hard work, reliability, and strength of that one person, the company, organization, or family would simply fail to function. The backbone, simply put, is essential.

This metaphor is a well-chosen one, as the backbone, or spine, is crucial to the proper operation of the entire human body. It acts as a reliable structural support, a defensive conduit for the central nervous system, and the skeletal hub giving strength to the rest of the body. When something goes wrong with the backbone, the organization of the body soon suffers.

Spinal disc problems are one such issue that can negatively affect the entire system. When intervertebral discs either herniate or degenerate, it can result in limitations in movement, pain, and discomfort in the back and legs. As this condition can result from aging, lifestyle choices, or injury, spinal issues can affect a host of people in various age groups.

After seeking alleviation from this painful condition, one patient from True Health Chiropractic and Massage in Bloomington was kind enough to relate to Healthy Cells about their experiences.


     Healthy Cells: What sort of pain and discomfort were you experiencing that led you to True Health Chiropractic in the first place? What caused the pain you experienced?


True Health Patient: I was having severe lower back pain. I spent an entire day sitting incorrectly and it had caused my back to shift to a very inappropriate position. It caused me to walk with my body shifted at an angle and hunched over.


     HC: How was the pain affecting your everyday life? Were any activities made more difficult or even impossible due to your back problems?


THP: My back has been an on again/off again issue. But, when I was down, I was totally out of commission or in severe pain while doing everyday activities.


     HC: Did you try any other techniques or medications before seeking out spinal decompression? If so, what else did you try, and for how long did you try these other methods?


THP: I had tried the basic adjustments. They were sufficient for a short-term fix. But having the disc issues, I was destined to be back sooner and more frequently. I had been getting them done for a few years off and on. But the pain had started to become worse, so I needed something more along the lines of a long-term fix or I would be facing more pain and possibly surgery.


     HC: How were you introduced to the concept of the spinal decompression system, particularly the DRX9000 decompression table? In other words, how was the process described to you?


THP: I had searched “degenerative disc specialists in Bloomington-Normal” and Dr. Hillman came up. I read the article regarding his studying alternative methods, about the decompression table, and some of the research and time he put into it. After I visited with him, in person, it sounded like a winner to me. I needed something that would allow me to stay active because I have small children.


Just as with this patient, spinal disc issues can negatively affect one’s life. But there is no need to simply live with it. There are non-surgical methods that can result in a return to living life as normal.


     For more information on spinal decompression treatment or to schedule an appointment, contact True Health Chiropractic & Massage at 309-585-0704 or visit them online at Dr. Hillman was recently awarded one of the top decompression doctors in the country, by a peer review panel. Their office is located at 2406 E. Washington S.t in Bloomington, IL. They offer two new patient specials which include a $75 consultation, exam, and X-rays ($350 value) and a $39 relaxation massage! They accept most insurance.