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Trimble Celebrates Life with New Facility


By Eric Trimble, Trimble Funeral Home and Crematory

Eric Trimble 

Trimble Pointe

Trimble Pointe is the newest addition to downtown Moline. Light and bright, this multipurpose eco-friendly building is designed to host a variety of life events and celebrations. The 100+ year Trimble Funeral Home legacy, now located at 701 12th Street, continues with a fresh 21st century flair for contemporary families.

The Life Lived
No matter how many mileposts are passed in a lifetime, when the time comes to say goodbye, families are choosing more and more to reminisce, reflect, celebrate and even laugh about the shared memories of the life lived by their loved one.  This 21st century philosophy is reflected in all elements of Trimble Pointe.  “Funerals are for the living — to help them through the grief process,” commented Eric Trimble.

Celebrations of Life
Trimble Pointe offers a private setting for this public farewell event. Light, open, and welcoming, this extraordinary new facility is conducive to the reason for the gathering. Trimble’s professional staff is trained to assist the living in accepting and handling their loss. From sacred services led by clergy to casual celebratory memorials, the time of remembrance is directed by the professional staff who will guide the timing and program to help make everyone comfortable and involved in this celebration of life.

Eric Trimble, licensed funeral director and embalmer, repeated a quote by Winston Churchill: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us,” and added, “As society continues to redefine the way they memorialize their loved ones, our new funeral home will not only meet the current needs of our community, it will shape how funeral services are provided well into the future.”

Eric Trimble continued, “The move to this new facility will not involve a change in our published pricing. We have not raised our prices since 2010.”

Discerning Trimble Touchstones

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Family pride in serving Quad City neighbors
  • Tiered pricing for professional services
  • Excellence in cosmetology
  • Flexibility to embrace family schedules and needs
  • Prompt response to families in need
  • Honor and respect for our veterans
  • Dedication to accurate communications
  • Comprehensive coordination: newspapers, clergy/church, flowers/memorials, musicians, DVD, transportation, stationery/invitations/memory folders, visitation site, luncheons/receptions, legal documents, veteran and survivor benefits, grief after-care

Trimble Pointe Hospitality

 Funeral Home features abundant natural  light and on-site crematory
Funeral Home features abundant natural
light and on-site crematory 

Favorite food and drink can be served while family and friends exchange memories and stories in an atmosphere of fellowship. Whether this event takes place in the Horizon Room or CityView Celebrations, each offers an airy, light and comfort setting with a panoramic view of downtown Moline.

Reid Trimble explained, “Our hospitality visitation is all about fulfilling your wishes from offering afternoon tea and cookies to an evening of wine and cheese. We can even set out beer and pretzels! How your loved one enjoyed celebrating in life, can now be a part of the way you choose to celebrate their memory.”

The Personal Touch
Trimble Pointe combines all of the elements of comfort and convenience.

  • Meet me in the café! Just inside the entrance to Trimble Funeral Home is the Ivory Café serving coffee, tea, and soda and providing a comfortable place to gather for conversation and await the arrival of others. This room was named in honor of Dorothy Trimble because of her love of elephants. The Children’s Playroom offers constructive activities for busy hands. The Family Room provides a private place to sit, gather, privately reflect, or have light snacks.
  • Music adds ambiance and personality! The Yamaha Conservatory Disklavier grand piano can be played by a pianist or programmed to perform anything from Bach to Billy Joel. This Clavinova with a built-in synthesizer can imitate a large array of acoustic instruments including organ, piano, percussion, brass, or woodwind. Share the favorite music of your loved one, be it sacred, classical, or pop.  Music speaks to the soul.
  • Expansive or Intimate: Flexible space of the Horizon Room accommodates the largest funeral to the most intimate gathering. Those attending large visitations will have plenty of room to wait inside with adequate seating for those needing it.

Reflecting Back on 44 years: An interview with Eric Trimble

“Forty-four years ago when my career began, every death involved embalming, casket, visitation of one or two nights from 2:00-9:00 PM, a funeral in the church or in the funeral home, a procession to the cemetery followed by a lunch at the church. A worker would be given a morning off work to go to a friend’s funeral.

“Today, we can have much the same services, but with significant changes. Visitations are usually shortened to one to four hours, either the day before or just before the service time. Friends have to go to a visitation after business hours and often cannot take off work for a day funeral. As church membership decreases, the number of funerals held in the funeral home is increasing. Another shift is the decrease in the number of volunteers available during the day to prepare and serve post-funeral luncheons. Families are seeking other venues.

Reception center with separate entrance and parking overlooks Mississippi River
Reception center with separate entrance and
parking overlooks Mississippi River

“One thing that has not changed in our fast paced society is the need to know people care. We must take time from our busy lives to say, ‘his was a life well lived and he will be missed.’ Friends need a chance to offer sympathy and comfort. The family needs to receive that sympathy and benefit from the words of condolence.

“We are a family business catering to other families. Grief takes time. Our ‘after care’ services continue well into the first year of adjustment with compassionate guidance from our professional staff. It is a hallmark of our Trimble family philosophy.”

Trimble Funeral Home and Crematory

  • Intimate feel with contemporary look
  • Bright color palate with lots of natural light
  • On-site crematory with private windowed lounge
  • Programmable Disklavier grand piano for preferred music
  • Abundance of natural sunlight
  • Picture windows with great views
  • New building does not mean new prices
  • Hospitality Visitations: food, beverage, including wine & beer
  • Family dinners following visitations
  • Post-funeral luncheons
  • Ivory Café: coffee, tea, soda

Horizon Room

  • Magnificent view of downtown Moline
  • Seating for up to 250 for private functions
  • Large dividable open space with natural light
  • Walk out terrace in good weather
  • Elevator to lower level
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

CityView Celebrations

  • Breathtaking view of cityscape
  • Event coordinator to assist you
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Catering packages from casual to elegant lunches/dinners
  • 2 levels with elevator access
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Cozy fireplace
  • Dance floor available
  • Hunt Harris Photo Gallery
  • Invitation and printed accessory options
  • Separate entrance with ample parking

Watch for Grand Opening Open House announcement in late July at our new address of 701 12th Street, Moline, Illinois 61265. 309-764-1144