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Traveling With Medications Can Be a Hassle, But There Is a Solution


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Although traveling with medications can be a hassle, leaving them behind always is a bad idea. Whether it’s a three day business trip or a week-long family getaway, people with chronic illnesses should never skip a dose. Taking those medications and vitamins regularly is what keeps you feeling like you don’t have an illness at all.

But when you’re packing a bag, what to do with the medications can present a few irritating questions and conundrums: Should I divide my medications into pill boxes ahead of time, or should I pack the entire bottle? Those darned pill boxes pop open and spill, especially with the rough and tumble of travel today. Seems like everybody is trying to cram their bags into tiny overhead compartments or stow them under increasingly crammed seats. If the pill boxes do spill, the pills will be all mixed up. It may be difficult if not impossible to remember which ones to take when.

If you do take the medication bottles along, you will have the dosing instructions with you—which is good. But those bottles are going to take up a lot of space in your bag. If the bag gets lost or those bottles get stolen or go missing, what kind of a mess will you face trying to replace your medications when you get home?

On the other hand, if you do take the bottles, there will be plenty of pills left over in case your trip runs unexpectedly long. Packing extra doses of medications in the event of an extended trip, whether it be due to an airport layover or a yearning for a few extra days in the sun, is a must.

If you don’t take the bottles with you, you need to be sure to bring your entire medication list along in the event of an emergency. Even the healthiest of people can land in the hospital due to an accident, and a medication list is the first thing doctors ask for.
Here’s another concern about traveling with loose pills. If for any reason you are stopped by law enforcement and they ask what those pills are for or who prescribed them to you, you need to be able to give them an answer on the double. Having something with the prescription information at the ready may save you a headache.

Thankfully, there are pharmacies these days that make all of these worries a thing of the past. They can provide your medications already sorted into daily packets, marked and ready to go.

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