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Total Hip Replacement Gets QC Strongman Back in the Competition


By Orthopaedic Specialists (OS)

Axle press. Hercules hold. Car flip. Keg toss. Deadlift.  If you’re familiar with any of these terms, you’re familiar with Strongman competitions.

Strongman events began as a tribute to the centuries-old Scottish Highland games, which placed contestants against each other in a test of brute strength and stamina.

Current strongman competitions invite participants to lift huge stones, flip big tires, carry heavy weights for long distances, throw beer kegs, and more. Many exercises are similar to Olympic-style weightlifting. There are numerous strongman events held globally.

Quad-Cities Strongman
Joe Hesse, co-founder of the QC Strongman Club, is a leading advocate of physical fitness in the Quad-City region. While today he is going strong, Joe was almost permanently sidelined from the fitness activity he loves due to hip pain.

In 2011, Joe was competing in an amateur lifting competition when discomfort in his right hip began impacting his performance.

“It wasn’t long before the pain was happening even when I wasn’t lifting. Daily activities like walking the plant floor at Alcoa where I work became uncomfortable,” says Joe. “I heard Dr. Hoffman was the best when it came to orthopaedic concerns, so I contacted him at Orthopaedic Specialists right away.”

After a comprehensive exam, Joe learned he needed his hip replaced.

Rapid Recovery Outpatient Total Hip Replacement
Dr. John Hoffman performs minimally invasive, rapid recovery, total hip replacement surgery as a way to relieve hip pain. During surgery, a small incision (approximately 2 1/2 inches) is made at the hip joint where a small video camera is inserted to allow Dr. Hoffman to view the surgery on a monitor. Special instrumentation is used to insert the artificial hip joint and close the wound. The surgery takes approximately 60 minutes. This technique results in smaller incisions, less scarring, less pain, and faster recovery than traditional surgery.

“When I heard I needed a hip replacement, I was worried it would be a long recovery time and it would be pretty extreme,” says Joe. “All my worries quickly went away. I was walking around with the help of staff a few hours after surgery. I was mobile with the use of a walker after a few days. Within a week I was walking on my own. Dr. Hoffman made sure I followed through with physical therapy, too, which also helped me get back to the life I love faster.”

Feeling Better Than Ever After Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery
Joe didn’t realize how much pain he was willing to live with until he became virtually pain free — thanks to the Rapid Recovery Total Joint replacement performed by Dr. Hoffman.

“I’m better than before. I’m living my life the way I want,” says Joe. “It’s been almost three years, and I’m competing like I did 20 years ago. It’s more than I hoped for. I only wish I’d done it sooner!”

Impressed by Joe’s passion for athleticism and lifelong fitness, the Orthopaedic Specialists team became a proud sponsor of QC Strongman. Visit qcstrongman.org to learn about upcoming events. The next competition is May 16th at Governor’s Pub & Restaurant in Bettendorf.

To learn more about Orthopaedic Specialists or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoffman, visit osquadcities.com or call 563-344-9292.