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Tips for Sips: Hydration Basics


By Chef Richard Lozada, Culinary Director,  Welbrook at Bloomington

An estimated 60 percent of the human adult body weight is made up of water. Not only does water make up a large percentage of our body weight, it also plays a very important role in our bodies functioning properly. Being hydrated helps regulate internal body temperature, metabolize food, flush waste, and lubricate joints. Maintaining proper hydration also allows cells to grow and survive, as well as carries oxygen throughout our bodies. Older adults are at an increased risk for dehydration as a result of diminished thirst sensation. Dehydration is a frequent cause of dizziness, fatigue, and even confusion. Being dehydrated can also lead to hospitalization. When thinking about hydration, your first thought may be, “I need to drink more water!” However, hydration can be maintained by more than just your water intake. Here are some tips to stay healthy, happy, and hydrated by more than just increasing your water intake:

  • Eat it: Fruits, vegetables, and soups are packed with water and have the bonus of additional nutrients. For example, radishes are 95 percent water, lettuce is 96 percent water, and apples are 84 percent water.
  • Switch it up: Change up water with your favorite flavors. Add sliced fruit, vegetables, herbs, or a combination of all three to add variety to your daily water routine. Try some of these unique pairings: orange and cilantro, strawberry and cucumber, or mint and lemon.
  • Space it out: Sip small amounts of water frequently throughout the day. As a general rule, aim for eight glasses of water a day, equivalent to 64 ounces. Remember, every sip counts in helping you reach your hydration goals.
  • Keep it close: Carry your favorite water bottle filled with thirst-quenching liquid wherever you go. Keeping it close will serve as a reminder to stay hydrated and make it convenient!

Although eight glasses of water is adequate for most adults, this recommendation may not be appropriate for everyone. Talk with your primary care provider or specialist to see what amount of fluid intake is best for you. Staying hydrated is an important component of everyday wellness. So as they say, “Don’t wait, hydrate!”

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