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The Way to a New You, a Better You, a Healthier You


Submitted by Pamela Klim, Advocare Worldclass Nutritional Supplements

Pamela Klim, of Bettendorf, knows what it’s like to be overweight. 
Like many women, Pam was a mother with three children that never quite
lost the “baby weight” from her pregnancies.  She spent four months
dieting and exercising, while seeing no results.  “I was very frustrated
and discouraged,” explains Pam.  “I was a size 18 and weighed 215
pounds. I was exhausted all of the time and drinking coffee all day long
just to keep myself going. I knew if I didn’t do something, I was going
to be stuck in this rut.  I felt like giving up!”

It was at
this time, that Pam found Advocare Nutritional Supplements.  Pam
immediately started their weight loss program, “The 24-Day Challenge.” 
“The 24-Day Challenge consists of gently cleansing your body of toxins
and impurities, then introducing the highest quality vitamins and
minerals back into your body in optimal amounts, to restore and
replenish all that we are lacking nutritionally,” explains Pam.  “I felt
amazing, and actually started seeing weight loss results immediately! I
loved the fact that this program was a vital component to a lifestyle
of health and wellness, and not a diet pill, or a ‘quick fix.’” 

Pam has lost a total of 65 pounds, and has kept that weight off for
nine years.  Her own weight loss challenge and success is what
encouraged Pam to become an Advocare Distributor.   “I know what it’s
like, I’ve been there,” explains Pam.  “And I thought, if I could help
someone lose weight and become healthier, in the same way that I did,
maybe this could be my way of giving back!”  So that’s exactly what Pam

About AdvoCare
Twenty years ago,
Advocare was built on founder Charlie Ragus’ vision that people can
improve their lives through superior nutrition and fitness.  It’s with
this vision that Advocare Supplements are produced to the highest
quality and safety standards in the industry. Advocare Products are a
complete line of Nutritional Supplements for men, women, children, and
athletes, and cover everything from weight loss, energy and mental
focus, sports performance, to overall general health and wellness. They
have been designed for anyone who wants to feel better, look better, and
perform better every day. They are absolutely different from other
supplements on every level, and all it takes is one day using Advocare
Products to experience that for yourself!

The 24-Day Challenge
Advocare’s Premier “Jump-Start” Program that has literally swept our
nation is “The 24-Day Challenge.”  Thousands upon thousands of people
have done the 24-Day Challenge and experienced huge success and
sustained results in weight loss, energy, and overall optimal health and
wellness. The Challenge is a regimen of their World Class Supplements,
used for 24 days, in conjunction with an incredible eating plan designed
by a top-level dietician/nutritionist. By actually doing the Challenge,
a person is completely introduced to a lifestyle of optimal health and
wellness, as it teaches daily disciplines and the proper eating that
most people do not fully understand.

The greatest component to a
person’s success in Advocare is that when you start Advocare Products,
they come equipped with your very own personal “Nutrition Coach” that
guides and directs you throughout the entire process. Pam explains, “As
an Advocare Advisor, my greatest joy is partnering with people to
educate, empower, encourage, and insure that they get the optimal
results they are looking for as they embrace the lifestyle. Helping
others with Advocare is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever
done! I absolutely love what I do!”

As Pam begins the 24-Day
process with her clients, they meet for their free consultation and
discuss their goals, whether it is weight loss and toning, increased
energy, gaining lean muscle mass, and/or sports and athletic
performance. Once it is determined exactly what they want to accomplish,
Pam then creates a “custom-fitted” Advocare Product Regimen, based on
their goal, budget, and the timeframe in which they want to accomplish
it. She makes a baseline assessment of their beginning weight and
inches, and then takes a “before” photo. As they near the end of their
first 24 days, Pam evaluates their results and determines their next
step in the process.

‘It’s been a privilege to help hundreds and
hundreds of people with Advocare in the 8–1/2 years I’ve been pursuing
the business,” says Pam. One of the people she has helped is Dr. Chris
Beckwith, a board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist in Moline,
Illinois. Dr. Chris has always been an extremely health conscious
individual who does regular resistance training. Over the years, he has
used many protein supplements to help gain lean muscle. Time after time,
he was left with very minimal results that were never sustained. Once
he began the Advocare Regimen, he gained 18 pounds of lean muscle mass,
and says he is thrilled with his sustained results and continues to see
improvements the longer he takes the products. He says that he has never
felt better or been in better physical shape  than since he began using

Another person that Pam has helped recently is Denise
Coyne. Denise was first introduced to Advocare at a “Corporate 24-Day
Challenge” that was begun at Quad City Orthodontics, where she is
employed as the financial coordinator. Dr. Anne Richards, Orthodontist,
loved Advocare Products so much that she wanted to introduce the Program
to her entire staff and do the “24-Day Challenge” together as a team.
It was a huge success, and Denise wholeheartedly embraced it. She not
only lost 12 pounds and 12–1/2 inches in 24 days, she kept going! Denise
is proud to say that in six months time she lost a grand total of 40
pounds and 37 inches, and is down three clothing sizes! She is ecstatic,
to say the least!

Now introducing the New “Total 24-Day Challenge Package”
Beginning on January 1, 2013, Advocare launches their “Total 24-Day
Challenge Package”, which introduces the very first Elite Fitness &
Training DVD, called “Can You 24 for 72 in 13?” It is a workout series
to be used along with the Advocare 24-Day Challenge Supplement Regimen
and Eating Plan. It contains seven 24-minute workouts that are meant to
be accomplished over a 72-day period in 2013. What a fantastic concept!
It is designed for people with incredibly busy lifestyles who have a
challenge of finding any time at all to workout. The DVD, which is the
final piece to the puzzle of optimal health & fitness, contains
workouts to meet any individual fitness level, and will maximize the
entire Advocare experience.  So, whether you belong to a gym, work with a
trainer, or “do-it-yourself”, this workout series is for you!

Corporate Wellness Programs
As remarkably simple as the concept is, companies in the Quad Cities
are finally becoming aware of the “connection” between healthy,
energetic employees, and a happier, more productive work force with
lower health care costs.

Empowering your employees to better
health has never been a more important issue in the workplace. Mr. Rick
John, owner of The Sedona Group, a nationwide staffing company started
in the Quad Cities, knows first-hand the importance of helping employees
take ownership of their own health and wellness. For years, Rick has
been a tremendous leader at the forefront of this corporate movement. He
has graciously offered a pro-active program within the Sedona group
called “Fit & Healthy.” Fit & Healthy encompasses the many
components of a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Recently, the
Fit & Healthy Members took the 24-Day Challenge, and it was a huge
success! There were 13 participants in the Challenge.  Pam personally
met with each person and took their beginning weight, inches, and
“before” photos. Pam also helped “walk” them through the regimen of
supplements and the healthy eating plan, offering some great suggestions
on “setting themselves up” for success! As their coach, Pam followed-up
throughout the 24 days in order to offer guidance, support,
encouragement, and answer any questions they had.

In 24 short
days, the 13 Sedona Group participants lost a grand total of 99 pounds
and 130 inches! “Their ‘after’ photos were amazing. To say these
employees are excited is truly an understatement. The most fulfilling
part of helping companies like this, is that it creates accountability
and teamwork within the workplace, which is every business owner’s dream
come true,” remarked Pam.

“As more and more Companies in the
Quad Cities seek my assistance with facilitating 24-Day Challenges for
their employees, I am excited to see Corporate America beginning to
embrace and understand the value of healthy, happy, and productive
employees. I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of this
empowering movement. As a business owner or manager, I see no better
investment than in that of your greatest asset—your employees!”

Advanced Sports Nutrition
Advocare’s Supplements are the choice of many elite professional
athletes and Olympians.  They trust Advocare because they know that we
have supplements that are tested and certified 100 percent free of any
substances that are prohibited in sports competition. They are
accredited by Informed-Choice (www.Informed-Choice.org) to contain no
ingredients specifically banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency
(USADA) or World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). 

Advocare Sports
Performance Products are used by many Quad City Area high school
athletes, including Pam’s own 16-year-old twin boys, Vince and Elliot
Klim. They are both athletes in the Bettendorf Football and Wrestling
Programs. “As a parent, it is of the utmost importance that I know my
boys are using safe, effective supplements that provide essential
nutrients to bodies that are enduring levels of activity and performance
of the most extreme conditions.”

Baby Boomers—AdvoCare BioTools!
With 78 million Baby Boomers in the U.S., there is a new generation
of growing seniors that are as healthy and as active as ever. 
Sustaining a high quality of life can be a challenge.   Advocare
developed BioTools specifically for this generation, who may be
suffering from:

  • Sore Muscles
  • Impaired Mobility
  • Bone and Joint Discomfort
  • Inactivity
  • Weight Gain
  • Poor Nutrition

As we age, we find the recovering from exercise, or even routine
tasks can be a challenge.  Poor diet and lifestyle choices can add up to
a compromised quality of life.  BioTools was developed specifically to
assist with the challenges faced by this generation.

Quality of Life is What It’s All About!
“Advocare has changed our life!” Before Advocare, Kris and Laura
Bowers of Orion, Illinois, were two extremely busy working parents, who
were overwhelmed, overweight, and tired of living an unhealthy
existence. “We were exhausted, and discouraged by the fact that we were
unable to be the kind of parents we wanted to be to our two young
children.” Kris is an Application Engineer for corporate business, and
Laura is a Registered Nurse in Quad Cities. “When Advocare came into our
lives, we joined an Incentive launched by the Quad City Advocare Team
called ‘Team-Up to Tone-Up.’ This was the 2012 New Year’s Resolution
Incentive that involved doing an expanded version of the 24-Day
Challenge with a partner.” What better partner than your spouse? “In a
matter of 24 short hours, we could already see and feel incredible
results, and we knew this was the solution to what we had been looking
for!” To date, Kris has lost a total of 64 pounds, and shaved 3–1/2
minutes per mile off of his run time, and completed his first Quad
Cities half-marathon. Laura has lost 25 pounds and over 21 inches.
Together they earned second Place in the Quad Cities Advocare “Team-Up
to Tone-Up” Challenge. Kris and Laura have been so impacted by their
journey, that they now have a passion in their lives for developing
others and paying it forward with Advocare!

Pamela Klim is an Advocare Independent Distributor, residing in
Bettendorf, Iowa. Pam’s passion is helping others achieve optimal health
and wellness, weight loss, and/or sports performance with Advocare. She
also helps others share the products and pursue the Advocare income
opportunity. For more information, please contact Pam at 563-940-2295 or
visit her website: www.advocare.com/03034246. Her email is klimwellness@gmail.com.