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The Royal Flush Cleansing The Colon


By Lynette Pritchard, VIM Today

Dirty topic, I know, but, necessary to discuss. As a Colon Hydro Therapist and teacher of cleansing protocols, I can personally attest to the difficulty that people have in even mentioning bowel movements. It has always been interesting to me how separate people feel from the normal process of elimination. Cleansing the colon, however, is not only important, it is critical to long-term wellness, and it is a natural and necessary process that should occur two to three times a day.

The colon, or large intestine, is five to six feet in length. It is the garbage dump of the human body and needs to be emptied regularly. In a natural world, we would be drinking only water and eating only fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fresh, clean meat. We would be walking more, moving more and sitting less. We would have all the tools necessary for the garbage to leave our bodies as it should.

Of course, we do not live in a natural world. Typically, we eat out of a box, bag, can, window, or restaurant. We drink predominantly sticky, sugary beverages, and not enough water and we sit at work, sit in a car, sit in front of the TV, and sit in front of computers. You can see how unnatural our lifestyles have become and the consequences of our full garbage dumps are dangerous.

Just as pollution has changed the health of our waterways on Earth, the internal pollution of our bodies is creating the same onslaught. If a fish bowl is left to get dirty, the fish is at risk of dying. The same is true with a stagnant internal system. According to the British Medical Association, “Disease starts in the colon.”

Over a 20+ year career in the wellness industry, I have tried many cleansing therapies and products personally and with my clients. Although extremely therapeutic, few people will follow a 14 to 30 day cleansing protocol or do regular enemas or Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. Thousands of my clients, students, and customers did use cleansing products. Many products on the market induce loose stools, cramping, and cause dependency. This is not only uncomfortable, it can be simply embarrassing.
Having personally and dramatically overcome debilitating health issues through the process of cleansing and nutrition therapies, I can guarantee that, our Royal Flush beats your full house every time. It does so gently and effectively.

When the correct serving size is used, it is a comfortable and impressive elimination process. The dose on the bottle suggests starting out with one to two capsules before bed with a glass of water. For most people, one capsule may be enough. If you have an increased movement, more than normal, the next morning, then that is your serving. Continue each evening for 7 to 10 days to cleanse the bowel, and use when needed.

However, each of us is different. We have different strength colons, we consume different diets, and we live different lifestyles. The one common denominator is that most of us have eaten processed foods with fillers and preservatives. Many of us have gone days, weeks, months, and even years without the consumption of the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Don’t be alarmed if you need to increase the serving of capsules each evening. I recommend starting with one capsule in the evening. If no change in elimination occurs in the morning, then take a capsule in the morning. If you eliminate during the day, stay with that serving. If there is no movement, increase capsules each night and/or morning until you achieve the desired result. This should be a soft-serve consistency, two to three times a day or more than normal.

This can be a seven to 10 day seasonal cleanse, this can be regularly, or periodically. It is up to you, but, rest assured, all that waste is better out than in.

This is not intended to be medical advice, just sound information from personal and professional experience. It is always wise to seek help from your health advisor if you have concerns or need treatment.

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