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The Rewards of Working at Overlook Village


The Quad Cities has long been a community where people live out the milestones of their lives. A great many of our Quad Citizens are born here, have childhoods here, go to school here, get married here, have kids here, nurture homes and pursue careers here, and, eventually, retire here. At every stage of life there is still more to come, and when the mind proceeds the body in foresight, time blurs between their steps—meaning that life will come fast, will pass quickly, and suddenly we are in need of a home where we can age in place and sanctuary until our time here draws to a close.

One special place in Moline, Illinois takes the sentiment of our time in the Quad Cities to great heights. Literally. What was the site of Lutheran Hospital, a cornerstone of the Quad Cities, now stands a beacon of hope and peace for the seniors of our community. Overlook Village, a Dial sister property of Silvercrest Garner Farms and The Fountains, fosters a bold and extraordinary lifestyle of social interaction and enjoying life to its final chapter. The truth is certainly in the name, as Overlook Village “overlooks” not just the Mississippi River, but a picturesque woodland teeming with deer and wildlife, and even a history of life itself. What was once a spot where people could start new life has now become a place where life can be ushered peacefully and tranquilly to its new destination, and, as their website boasts, a “perfect combination of comfort, care, and an active lifestyle.”

Becky Lee Hinton, the executive director of Overlook Village, continues the mission of providing Quad City seniors with the best experience possible. A talented soprano and Quad City beauty queen, Becky found her ultimate calling in the world of senior care after a fateful recommendation from a friend for Overlook’s sister location, Silvercrest. “I sort of fell into it,” she recounts. “Just an hour and a half at Silvercrest made me realize that this is what I needed to do. That same day I called my employer at the time to resign before I even knew what the pay grade was!”

And Becky was certainly rewarded for it. Her awakened desire to fill the needs of our senior living community have matured into a great responsibility and honor in servitude of the Quad Cities and its residents. She is happy and fulfilled on a daily basis by the work she does, and feels privileged for every moment, from greeting the Overlook Villagers with smiles and hugs (or in the case of COVID-19, elbow-touches) to helping honor veterans by singing the national anthem on Veteran’s Day. “I love being a part of their lives in these final chapters,” she says. “I love helping to make their experiences meaningful, making them feel safe and secure, and especially helping them and their families feel at peace while they are with us. And the neighbors here are just so friendly to everyone, it is so organic and social. I don’t even have to encourage folks to welcome new residents, they just do!”

To Becky, working at Overlook Village felt like destiny: “When Lutheran Hospital was on this property, my mother was head nurse of the Intensive Care Unit here and I worked here as a candy-striper when I was only 12 and 13 years old. The fact that I landed here was just incredible. My first job was here, and hopefully my last job will be, too. I have the best job in the world. I truly do.”

Just as Becky’s life brought her to Overlook Village, many other lives have been drawn there, too. Her experience as an executive director has taught her that seniors benefit tremendously from the lifestyle offered, be it independent living, assisted living, or the need for memory care. Independent living solutions are an excellent beginning transition to luxurious retired life, and is perfect for seniors looking to live in a community environment without the worry of maintenance, housekeeping, and security issues. Assisted Living and Memory Care offer these same benefits, and even more so are a place where help is close by, and aging with dignity and independence are the primary focus.

When asked what advice she would give to adult children and potential residents of a senior community, Becky says, “Don’t wait too long! I know so many who have come here and regretted not coming sooner. We understand that many people are afraid of the transition, or feel comfortable where they are, but I want to encourage them to give it a try, to enjoy this time and this community before that chance is gone, because it’s so much more than an apartment you’re living in, it’s an experience.”

In a world and community ripe with experiences, our seniors deserve to pursue the strongest and most fulfilling retirement life they can. Whether this is at Overlook Village or another senior living community, it is our profound hope that Quad Citizens and all seniors will embrace their intrinsic value as not only seniors, but human beings deserving of happiness and peace at the top of the hill.

Becky states, “Overlook Village Senior Living Community is a part of Dial Senior Living with our home office in Omaha, Nebraska. They have two local sister-communities which are Silvercrest Garner Farms in Davenport and The Fountains in Bettendorf. I am proud to have worked at all three QC Dial communities in my fifteen years with Dial. Dial Senior Living has a rich history of excellence in senior living going back to 1959.”


Chef-prepared dining experiences
Transportation to medical appointments,
shopping, and outings
Planned activities, events, and entertainment
Bi-weekly housekeeping services
Utilities included with rent
Access to trained support staff 24/7
Restaurant-style dining
Transportation services
Full calendar of activities and events
Housekeeping and laundry services

Access to trained support staff 24/7
Personal and stable routine care plans
Fine dining options
Calendar of activities, entertainment, and
individual programs
Housekeeping and laundry services

You can get an insight to our extraordinary lifestyle by visiting our Facebook page at facebook.com/OverlookVillageSeniorLiving. Please feel free to call Becky at (309) 270-7720 with any questions!