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The Medical Team That Makes the Difference!


By Heartland Health Care Center

Many health centers will
meet your requirements.  But at Heartland Health Care Center, we strive
to surpass them. Eighty-nine percent of our rehab patients go home. We
offer a wide range of services that can be customized and combined to
deliver just the right care.  Whatever services we provide, our staff
members work as a team – with each other, the patient and his or her
physician, and family — to coordinate care, goals and expectations that
result in a consistently positive experience. The majority of our
patients (90.7 percent) are able to manage their care “completely” or
“quite a lot” at discharge. 

The Medical Team Makes the Difference!
Dr. Anthony Kwan is a new consulting physician at Heartland
specializing in physiatry, which is physical medicine and
rehabilitation. Dr. Kwan’s goal is to restore function to his patients
by treating those with acute and chronic pain and musculoskeletal
disorders.  “I enjoy working with the patients and therapists at
Heartland,” says Dr. Kwan. He is Medical Director of Trinity’s
Rehabilitation Services and is the Medical Director for Accurate

Rounding out the medical team: Dr. Hani Horani is
the Medical Director and Dr. Khalafallah is an attending physician. They
both have practices in the Medical Arts Group.

Heartland Health Care Center — Achieving Greatness!
Heartland was awarded the Customer Satisfaction Award from HCRManor
Care.  Ninety-two percent of our discharged patients recommend our
Center and would return to us for care.  Heartland was also recently
awarded a 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. 
“Our staff is committed to provide excellent care to our patients.  This
award reflects the caring, compassion, and kindness demonstrated by our
staff in all departments.  “We are very proud of the services we offer
to our community and to the people who need us most,” states Vickie J.
Toomsen, Senior Administrator at Heartland Health Care.

Medical and Rehabilitation Services
Heartland Health Care Center is recognized as one of the leading
providers of advanced nursing and rehabilitation services in the area.
Ninety percent of our patients rate the quality of our rehab services as
good or excellent. We offer a combination of professional nursing care,
rehabilitation therapies, dietary services, social work, specialized
physician services, and discharge planning in order to achieve a safe
and successful discharge.  At Heartland, we pride ourselves on having a
reputation of providing quality. Our admissions team is available 24/7,
365 days to accommodate individual needs for admissions.

Other services provided are:
• Post-surgery recovery
• Orthopedic injuries (fractures), joint replacement, and amputation therapy
• Stroke, neuro-muscular insufficiency, and cardiac-related problems
• Short term stays for respite or rehabilitation
• High intensity physical, occupational, and speech therapies
• Ambulation and gait training
• Skin management

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Heartland Health Care Center uses therapeutic equipment specially
designed to effectively treat pain and a wide range of conditions such
as orthopedic injuries and neuromuscular dysfunctions.  The equipment is
similar to equipment used in in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation
facilities and for treating sports injuries in athletes.  Some of the
equipment Heartland uses includes:

  • Electrical Stimulation
    uses a gentle electrical current to increase circulation, stimulate the
    release of pain-relieving endorphins, retrain functional movement
    patterns, and decrease muscle disuse atrophy with a focus on improvement
    in gait, transfers, and functional activity performance.  By
    accelerating neuromuscular re-education and reducing spasticity,
    electrical stimulation is also effective for post-stroke rehabilitation.
  • Ultrasound
    focuses on the deep heating of muscles, tendons, and connective tissue
    to increase blood flow and tissue extensibility, while reducing pain and
    inflammation.  Use of ultrasound accelerates improvement of ROM in
    contracture management by providing deep heat and pain control prior to
  • Shortwave Diathermy produces thermal effects that
    are appropriate for larger joints and surface areas including the neck,
    lower back, hip, and knee.  It increases blood flow, treats muscle
    spasms, joint stiffness and contractures.  Shortwave Diathermy is also
    effective for post-surgical pain, edema, and pain management for

The foundation of our rehabilitation
program is an experienced interdisciplinary team focusing on individual
needs.  Our rehabilitation staff and program features enable us to offer
comprehensive therapy services.  Our therapy clinicians have also
completed additional post-professional clinical training in the advanced
modality clinical protocols to achieve successful patient outcomes.

We offer physical and occupational therapy six days/week and speech
therapy five days/week.  Our rehab patients receive between one to three
hours of therapy daily depending upon their needs.  We also offer
outpatient physical and occupational therapy Monday-Friday.

Patient Connie Jackson, of Bettendorf, IA says, “Physical therapy
helped me reach me goals faster to return home.  I was able to walk
better, climb stairs faster than I thought I would after my knee
replacement surgery.  The nursing staff helped me manage my discomfort
following the surgery.  The nurses were understanding and experienced in
taking care of people following orthopedic surgery. Thank you

New “Virtual Rehab” at Heartland
The OmniVR is the world’s first 3D “virtual rehabilitation” system
designed specifically for aging adults and others with physical
limitations.  The technology is an important new tool for physical,
occupational and speech therapist to help improve function, while making
the therapy process more fun and rewarding for patients. 

sophisticated 3D camera and specialized computer software recreates the
patient’s movements in a “real time” interactive experience that engages
patients and motivates them to exercise longer and with greater
intensity.  Patients enjoy using the OmniVR!

New Inpatient Pulmonary Care
The newest program offered at Heartland Health Care Center is post
hospital Pulmonary Care, with two full time Respiratory Therapists on
staff that is committed to an aggressive and intensive care with an
interdisciplinary approach to meet the needs of the patient. Individuals
may want to seek this care if they are suffering from conditions such
• Emphysema
• Chronic bronchitis
• Asthma
• COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
• Pneumonia
• Respiratory failure

Comprehensive education is necessary to reduce the risk of
re-hospitalization and post-discharge complications.  Therefore,
Pulmonary Care emphasizes:
• Understanding the disease process
• Recognition of symptoms that require medical intervention
• Medication education and management
• Stress management and energy conservation
• Individualized exercise programs (Breathing, Endurance and Chair exercises)
• Dietary Compliance
• Nutrition/swallowing education
• Controlled cough education
• Sleep management
• Lifestyle adaptations
• Self-care and caregiver training
• Fatigue/Dyspnea self-assessment education

Sandy Curphy R.N. at Heartland Health Care says “I believe that
because we offer Pulmonary Rehab to our patients with respiratory care
needs, we are providing a critical piece in their successful return back
home and back to their life.”

Memory Care
Heartland Health Care Center has a 31-bed licensed specialty unit for
patients with cognitive impairments, Alzheimer’s disease, and other
forms of dementia. The staff is required to have additional training on
dementia to better meet the needs of patients we care for on the Arcadia
Unit.  When a patient has unusual behaviors, the staff is knowledgeable
about the needs of a memory-impaired patient and is able to assist the
patient.  The security of the unit allows patients to roam about without
the risk of elopement.

Post-Acute Rehab
After surgery, illness or injury, you want to get home and back to your
life as quickly as possible.  Choosing the right medical and
rehabilitation team will strongly impact your recovery.  Heartland is
dedicated to serving patients who need short term rehabilitation and
skilled nursing care.  We offer alternatives to patients making the
transition from hospital to home by using an intensive approach that
teaches lifestyle adjustments to promote independence.

patients as close to their normal living is the primary goal at
Heartland Health Care Center.  Charge Nurse Marion Hudson, LPN, says, “I
love taking care of my patients at Heartland.  I enjoy watching them
get better and go home.”

That’s the priority at Heartland
Health Care Center: an exceptional staff, dedicated employees and
satisfied patients. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services
offer a personalized experience for patients.  We realize that little
things like a gentle touch, a kind voice, and sympathetic ear make a big

For more information on Heartland
Health Care Center, visit them at 833 16th Avenue, Moline, IL or call
them at 309-764-6744.