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The Importance of Safety in Senior Living


By Alen Lolling, Maintenance Director, Welbrook at Bloomington

Safety can be a key factor when choosing a senior living community. Providing a safe and secure environment for residents and their guests involves many aspects. From severe weather-related concerns to the risk of slips, trips, and falls, safety should always be an important part of the community you live in.

Here are a few safety topics to consider while looking into senior living options.

  • Does the community have well-documented safety policies and procedures in place?
  • Is there on-going safety training for both staff and residents?
  • Are “drills” conducted regularly?

Along with these questions are concerns regarding the overall safety of the senior living campus. Things to watch for while touring a community include some of the following:

  • Are the driveways and parking lots well-maintained with no large potholes?
  • Is there plenty of nearby handicapped parking for residents and guests?
  • Are the sidewalks free of cracks, offsets, and trip hazards?
  • Are the parking areas and entrances well lighted?

These types of questions and concerns are often just the tip of the safety iceberg. A safe, well-thought-out senior living community should also include the following:

  • Proper inspection, testing, and documentation of safety-related systems and equipment
  • A state-of-the-art fire alarm and fire suppression system
  • Individual call alert monitoring

Other safety concerns to consider may include severe weather and natural or man-made events that may cause loss of power, water, communication, etc. A truly safe community will have contingency plans in place for these types of situations as well.
Choosing a community that is focused on safety is very important. Whether it’s working closely with city, county, or state agencies on emergency preparedness or utilizing wet floor signage as needed, the community you choose should be focused on allowing you to live life safely.

 Welbrook at Bloomington is a new, state-of-the-art senior living community offering independent/assisted living and memory care. “Living life well” at Welbrook means having the support, care, and compassion to continue a lifestyle with just a change of location. Welbrook at Bloomington is located at 1402 Leslie Drive in Bloomington. For additional information, contact Rochel Yerington, Community Relations Director at 309-603-2500 or visit