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The Cost of Dying: Adding It Up


Submitted by Modern Woodmen

Social Security provides a
lump-sum death benefit of just $255 to individuals qualifying for
survivor benefits. That isn’t nearly enough to cover the average cost of
a funeral, which in 2010 averaged $6,500 for basic services only. This
figure doesn’t account for a cemetery plot, monument or marker costs, or
costs for other items such as flowers and obituaries. By the time you
add all costs in, the average funeral in the United States can easily
exceed $10,000.

It’s also common to have other final expenses, such
as hospice care or hospital bills for end-of-life care. These include
many out-of-pocket expenses for deductibles and copayments not covered
by Medicare, which can average more than $11,000 in the last year of
life. These bills may continue to trickle in for weeks or months after
your death, leaving your family to face additional stress and burden
while dealing with their grief. by Kevin Orfield

Average funeral and end-of-life care costs
Services fees $1,817
Transfer of remains $250
Embalming $628
Other preparation of body $200
Use of facilities/staff for viewing $395
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony $450
Hearse $275
Service car/van $125
Basic memorial printed package $125
Metal casket $2,295
Vault $1,195 Cemetery plot $200–2,000
Opening and closing a grave $375–1,000
Headstone/marker $500–4,000+
Average out-of-pocket health-care expenses, last year of life $11,618
Estimated average total $23,411
Social Security Administration 2010, Federal Trade Commission, 2010
NFDA General Price List Survey, and the National Bureau of Economic

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