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Taking Time to Laugh


By Lora Felger, Health Alliance

Once we’ve made it to March, it’s usually a good sign winter is almost over. Hopefully this winter, you’ve found some time to laugh a little.

I know there hasn’t been much to laugh about these past 12 months since COVID-19 stopped us in our tracks. But hopefully—maybe, possibly—you found time for at least a little giggle? Like that first time spotting a robin tells you it’s time for bees, trees, and flowers—one small little snort can lead to big laughs.

Several old friends from high school and I have a Messenger group chat we call the Hot and Sassies. We are all in our early 50s now, so “hot” takes on a whole new meaning from what it meant in our 20s. We share funny stories, wish each other happy birthday, plan on where to meet for drinks, stuff like that.

Sometimes my day can get so busy that several hours go by before I have the time to check and see what the Hot and Sassies have going on. I’ll pause while waiting in line at Walmart and read the discussion chain that has taken off without me. There are days when I literally snort out loud with laughter as I read the 10–20 messages that have flown by throughout the day.

My grandfather used to tell us kids, “That kind of laugher just added an extra week to your life.” Who’s to say he wasn’t right?

Laughter is part of every culture, and the physical and mental benefits are widely known. I notice laughter comes so naturally to kids and babies. Have you ever seen an 8-month-old baby who thinks his dog is just hilarious? If you need a pick-me-up today, log in to Facebook. I’m sure you can find a post that’s nothing but babies giggling. How wonderful.

In the last 12 months, I’ve realized I could use some more humor in my life, and I’m sure you could too. So let’s all have a collective laugh already. Try to keep it clean and silly though, no need to hurt any feelings. Dust off those old knock-knock jokes, slap on some giant-sized red shoes, and fill up that squirting flower pin. Take the time to giggle today, and share it with someone you love while you’re at it.

Lora Felger is a community and broker liaison at Health AllianceTM. She’s the mother of two terrific boys, a world traveler and a major Iowa State Cyclones fan. Like this article? Feel free to respond to Longview@HealthAlliance.org. Thanks for reading!