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Shocked by a Question!


Submitted by Ridgecrest Village

Most people in our area have heard about Ridgecrest Village, and many know it is a continuum-of-care community, but few people know exactly what it has to offer. One of our residents told me, “I used to drive by on Northwest Boulevard and see the sign, ‘what kind of village could it be?’ It wasn’t until I toured that I started to understand.”

Ridgecrest has 144 independent apartments, which includes 34 cottages. There are 45 assisted-living apartments, and an attached 15-apartment memory-care unit. The health center currently serves 80 individuals and offers 24-hour care and skilled therapies. In other words, there are a variety of living spaces for a variety of needs.

Usually, when I receive a phone call for a tour I hear, “I would like to find out more about your independent living and the benefits of your lifecare program.” A recent call, though, caught me totally by surprise. The caller told me, “I want to come and find out about Ridgecrest. Then I’ll probably sign over all my property so I can move in. Isn’t that how it works?” Shocked by the question, I left a little dead space on the line before I explained that signing over everything she owned was not a requirement before moving into Ridgecrest. It was nothing as daunting as that. I assured her I would be happy to explain everything on the phone or in person. She came in to talk that same afternoon, she definitely felt a lot better about everything when she left.

The caller’s main questions were on the lifecare program, our most popular move-in option. Lifecare requires an entrance fee plus a monthly fee; these combined offer security for a future at Ridgecrest Village. Lifecare allows you to plan for those future costs of health care. Should you need a higher level of care in our community, you still pay your independent monthly fee instead of the market rate. This would result is a savings of thousands of dollars each month!

Her call prompted me to start asking more questions. I started with my in-house residents asking what they thought about Ridgecrest before they came. Most of them had misconceptions similar to hers, and said they were pleasantly surprised when they finally talked to us. They were pleased they didn’t have to give everything to Ridgecrest.

One resident, Cindy, voiced a concern shared by many others. She told me, “most people feel they are invincible; they think they will never need a higher level of care. It isn’t until it’s too late that they realize how much it is really going to cost them. That’s why Phil and I chose to move in at a younger age. We are lucky to be able to enjoy the community now. We feel secure that later in life, no matter what, we will have a home with the level of care we may need.”

Ridgecrest Village is so much more than what people see when they drive by, or what they think they know before they decide to pick up the phone. We have the full continuum of care, from independent living to hospice care. We strive to keep people active no matter what stage of life they are enjoying. We have a community that supports each other at every stage. These elements allow residents to enjoy life with fewer worries about their future care.

Do you have questions about Ridgecrest? Have you heard different stories? Do you want to explore how to plan for a full and enjoyable retirement? Call Mary or Karen at 563-391-3430 today. We would love to invite you to lunch and show you what our community has to offer!