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Santa Knows Exactly What Orthopedic Patients Want This Holiday Season


Submitted by McLean County Orthopedics

The scenario: Santa’s Village, Request Satisfaction Division

One of Santa’s elves just opened a letter requesting a successful operation and good experience for someone facing joint replacement surgery in the coming year. Upon bringing the request to Santa for approval, the elf is unsure of how best to respond. Santa, who had a similar surgery in the off-season last year, knows exactly how to answer the request and provide precisely what the patient wants and needs.

He instructs the elves to put these things together in a package and tie it with a bow:

A friendly ear

Santa knows each patient wants his or her questions and concerns to be heard — and taken seriously. Of course, patients want a surgeon with great qualifications and a proven record with patient outcomes, but a listening ear makes it much easier for patients to trust and feel comfortable with the procedure and the personnel involved.

Helpful resources

Instructions and educational resources are high priorities for Santa. Decisions about care can be made best when the patient is well informed, so including reputable educational resources will definitely be included in the package.

Cost transparency

While Santa doesn’t provide medical coverage for anyone other than the elves, he knows how important it is for patients to have good information about the costs they will be responsible for. He himself appreciated the fact that there were no surprises or unexpected fees that came up with his own procedure, thanks to the great information provided ahead of time. He was able to plan for the expenses and even had enough left over for a special gift for Mrs. Claus.

Personalized treatment

No one knows more than Santa that a one-size-fits-all anything isn’t a very personal, or appreciated, gift. Patients must be recognized as individuals and treatment plans should be tailored to each one so that their unique needs are met, and the best possible outcome is achieved.

Pain management

Santa would love to provide a pain-free experience for patients, but his elves haven’t quite found a way to do that. Instead, he knows that a patient’s medical team will create an effective pain management plan to go along with an honest conversation before the procedure about what kind of pain to expect and what steps to take to manage it after the surgery.

To be home for the holidays

After his long night of work, Santa wants nothing more than to get home to rest and recover. Everything will be done to help patients recover quickly from their procedure and get back home as soon as possible. Less time away from the comforts of home and more time in the care of loved ones is definitely a top priority.

A new lease on life
Santa understands that the patient has elected to have this procedure to make things better, and he believes this surgery could be life-changing, as chronic pain issues can be resolved and life can become fuller and more active for the patient. He knows the folks at McLean County Orthopedics want that for their patient as well, even though they may do this same basic procedure for hundreds of other patients. Santa fully expects that this will be the only time this patient will have to ask for this particular gift. Next year, he’s thinking it will be a trip to Tahiti! (That’s completely on Santa, not MCO!)

As the elves hurry to complete the package, one of them asks Santa, “Who do we say this package is from? You, Santa?”
“Oh no,” Santa replies. “This very special package is from everyone at McLean County Orthopedics. Everything inside is something they provide.”

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