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Return From Vacation Without the Extra Weight


By Taylor Streitmatter, Nutritionist, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, The Group

You’ve waited all year for vacation time! Finally, a time to indulge in a week of freedom from the workplace, running the kids around, and most of all… from that diet you’ve been trying so hard to stick to. Most would tell you when they hit “vacation mode” eating healthy no longer becomes a priority. What if you didn’t have to gain the dreaded five pounds when you’re away from home this year? Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to have a healthy summer vacation for you and your family.

Road tripping? Make a trip to the grocery store prior to leaving to get some great perishable and non-perishable snacks or even meals for the ride. Convenience store junk foods and sugary beverages can add up in calories and in cost. Ice down a cooler and fill it with water bottles, apples, raw veggies, and hummus/guacamole, cheese sticks, and all of your other refrigerated healthy favorites. Some excellent non-perishable snack ideas are nuts, beef jerky, popcorn, or peanut butter for dipping some fruits or veggies you packed in the cooler.

Airports can be difficult due to the aromas of every food known to man. When a layover happens and you find yourself bored, it is easy to turn to mindless eating to fix the issue. Not all airport food is junk food though! There are healthy finds. Always research all your available options before deciding what to order. Opting for grilled instead of crispy chicken options in salads or on sandwiches at fast food restaurants is a great step in the right direction. Water is free at restaurants and is your best choice; it’s a win-win! For snacks, try a bistro box from Starbucks filled with all sorts of little munchies or finding some nuts at a convenience store. Just try to avoid the soda, chips, candy, granola bars, baked goods, fries, etc. They’ll just make you want to take a nap rather than give you the energy you need for your travels.

If you have some treats on your trip, that is just fine! No need to feel guilty. Use the mindful approach. One scoop of your favorite ice cream on the beach boardwalk is just as delicious as two or three. If you consume alcohol, try ordering light beer, dry wines, or mixed drinks using zero calorie mixers in place of the sugar-filled calorie bombs like margaritas, daiquiris, pina-coladas, etc. These tips will help you return home full of energy and without extra pounds.

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