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Remember the Reason for the Season


By Rhonda Hatterman, LivWell Seniors

The holiday season is fast approaching, and families will soon gather together to celebrate with their loved ones.  Traditionally, this is the one time of year that siblings and parents are together creating special memories. It is also the time that some will discover possible issues related to their aging parent, raising questions and doubts about the safety and well being of their parents at home. 

We take this opportunity to check in with our loved one’s situation, and start considering possible solutions based on their current care needs. If it has been some time since you have seen your loved ones, you may notice significant changes in their overall health. 

Here are some key points to consider when thinking about these issues, and determining what is next:

  • Do they have poor nutrition?
  • Are they isolated?
  • Are their medications in order?
  • Have they had frequent or recent falls?
  • Are they having trouble driving?
  • Do they have increased forgetfulness?

It is difficult to see your loved ones decline, but it is critically important to be honest with yourself in terms of what is really happening at home. Keeping in mind that if any of the areas of concern are compromised, your loved one is at significant risk. 

As parents age and begin to lose their ability to care for themselves on an independent basis, many of us are left with worry, concern, fear, indecision, and frustration.  How do we best address the issue of home care or assisted living when it comes to our parents or loved ones? What about the cost? What if distance is a concern? When is the right time to make decisions? How can we learn about the various social service resources in our community? What am I forgetting to do?

Remember that the reason for the season is to gather with our families, and cherish our time together. Your assessment of your loved one’s situation opens the door to have a dialogue about what’s next…and how you can present the best possible solutions to improve their current living condition. It is never too soon to start having these difficult conversations; the time is now to start the planning process. 

There is help available through many LOCAL agencies that truly understand the resources available for any given situation. This broad network of senior services and resources include senior living communities, relocation and downsizing services, eldercare attorneys, real estate professionals, and many other resources. You have access to all of these agencies, reach out to them, and get the help your family deserves! 

LivWell Seniors serves as a local agency providing community-based resources that are 100 percent FREE to seniors and their families, as they are funded by the senior care providers that utilize their service and network of connections. For further information, contact us at 563-265-1553, or visit our website at www.livwellseniors.com. “The GIFT of friendship … a willingness to listen, a pair of helping hands, a whisper from the heart. That someone CARES and understands.”

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