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“Relationships” With Food


By Taylor Streitmatter, Nutritionist, The Group Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists

In February, Valentine’s Day has us in a whirlwind of romance regarding our relationships with significant others, family members, or even friends. How about with our diet and food choices? Do we have a healthy relationship with food? Do we eat when hungry or just because we are bored or emotionally distraught? Do we pick the right foods because we choose to love our bodies?

Often times, we don’t realize that we indeed have a relationship with food. The way we approach a meal, choose items at the grocery store, or order at our favorite restaurants can tell us a lot about our love for our health and our overall food relationship. If you view food as fuel and nourishment to perform your best mentally and physically and eat when hungry, odds are you have an extremely healthy relationship with food.

Most of us may struggle with this particular “perfect” approach to food. Food is everywhere and the main part of many life events.

Do you buy certain foods because they make you happy, but physically lead you to experiencing not-so-happy consequences with your body? Do you order things because you are scared to try a healthier option that isn’t what you feel comfortable with? Do you fear how you will be judged off of particular food choices you make? Do you eat due to having a long stressful day or because you are bored out of your mind?

Let us help you with your relationship with food! The Group Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists offers a comprehensive weight management program for men and women of all ages. Call today to take control of your relationship with food, your weight, and many underlying health issues you may be experiencing! We cannot wait to meet you! 563-355-1853 ext. 1218.