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Reach Your Health Goals With Help From a Personal Trainer


By Sarah Larrabee, Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, QCPT

What does it mean to be mobile? How do you define fitness, or being “fit”? Who do you trust with your health? The new year annually redirects focus on our physical activity and eating goals. Many resolutions surround these topics, and it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. Making the choice to change your habits is the first step.  Once you’ve committed mentally to making your well­being a priority, narrow your efforts to a couple goals at a time. If you’re having trouble deciding where to begin, it may be time to ask a professional to help sort and choose a plan that will work for your lifestyle.

This is where the personal trainer comes into play. Many fitness facilities offer contact information to get in touch with these skilled individuals, but there are several who work on their own also. Take your time assessing the coaches you meet with: ask questions like you were interviewing a prospect. It’s important you feel comfortable with the person you’re entrusting with your health! You’ll feel less awkward bringing up any issues, should they arise throughout your training. See if they offer a free session so you can get a feel for their style and see if your personalities gel.

Most coaches will bring it up first, but be sure to discuss your history, goals, familiarity with exercise, concerns, etc. A good trainer will want to create a roadmap for your success, so that not only do they remind you of the ultimate goal at the end, but motivate you with smaller milestones along the way. Talking about specifics like playing on the floor with kids/grandchildren, trying your first yoga class, taking golf lessons are all great, and a personal trainer will be able to help you assign a realistic timeline to your achievements. It’s easy to get caught up in the “new year, new you” enthusiasm, but be careful not to set your expectations too drastically. Your trainer can assist you in advising a safe amount of time to attain the results you want: i.e., losing “x” amount of pounds before your cousin’s wedding, or wearing a smaller pants size for your school reunion.

Each trainer will have their preferred method on how they track your progress and when they do their check­ins. Make sure you ask if you’re curious and it’s been awhile since they have informed you. They may have reasons for their timing, so it’s important to keep your needs met, but also understand their practices. As long as the lines of communication are open, you’ll both stay on the same page, and you’ll have more confidence as you continue to work together toward your goals. Happy training and good luck!

If you would like to see what Sarah or one of QCPT’s trainers can do for you, contact info@qcpersonaltraining or call 563-271-1034.

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